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#generalconference quotes -- finally here!

6 whole quotes! Crazy, right? Last year I was like “woohoo general conference!!” and I was like “Ima make a quote for EVERY talk. Yeah!” I made maybe like 3, and then ran of steam. Whenever I start a project, I’m all like “were doing something new!” But as time goes on, I sometimes am like struggling to do that last stretch and hate what I’m doing and just. Want. To move on. So this year I choose a much more doable goal. I’ve made a quote from every talk in the general women’s session! I hope y’all enjoy.

And now we have the talk by Sister Aburto!! So good. It was just so admirable of her, I think, to break some cultural silence on this issue. If you missed this amazing talk, be sure to read it here! It really started off the women's session with a great and relevant topic, and I think this one is going to stay around as a popular talk for a while.

And then there is the talk by Lisa Harkness! Honestly I was not paying total attention to this one. I was like, “this lady is the only thing between us and the news, so .... aaaaah can’t believe it!” But it was such a good talk, all about the name of Jesus Christ. Names are so important, and she talks about how we can honor and do it all in His name. Read her talk here.

Then next was Sister Cordon’s talk. I was honestly just on the edge of the seat the whole time, paying attention, but not. I was annoyed that they dropped the ultimate cliffhanger in the middle of general conference — I was just like “ok yep very nice TELL US WHAT YOU’RE CHANGING IN YOUNG WOMENS!!!” Now I see that if she just went straight to the announcements there wouldn’t be any quotes for me to letter. It’s all about helping us prepare to be strong faithful women of Christ and gain divine attributes NOW while we are young women. If you need a lil refresher on what she said, click here.

Now onto President Eyring’s talk. Tbh, I wasn’t paying the most attention at this point because I was all surprised and shocked about Sister Cordon’s talk to actually pay attention to what he was saying. Hehe.
So I reread it, which is always a good idea, and saw that it was really pretty great. It was all about how great women are, which I was like, yeah!
And about how we as women can serve by mothering, leading, and ministering. And he didn’t just say his lil quote and mic drop and be like “bye y’all figure it out for yourselves!” he went in-depth with how to do each one of them, and actionable ways to improve at them, which I for sure appreciated. Awesome talk!

Now for President Oaks! His talk was definitely controversial and I understand how his style can seem off putting to some...but his job isn't to make everyone feel warm and fuzzy and like they're doing everything right. Part of having living apostles and prophets is hearing things we don't always want to hear. Check out his talk here.

President Nelson’s talk! I loved this so much, and especially how the restoration of the priesthood is relevant to us women as well. I may never know exactly why women don’t get ordained, but I do know several things (and I have learned even more from his great talk) that help to support my questions and fill the gaps of my understanding. If you want to reread his talk — all about women and the priesthood and how they can access the power and blessings (“Spiritual Treasures”) that are rightfully theirs — click here.

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  1. Are these prints available to download?

    1. hi kenzie!! just added the download link to the post. 😉✨