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thanksgiving personal progress

While Halloween is over, (😭) let's not forget that we still have plenty of holidays coming up, including, Thanksgiving!

I've been doing pretty major redesigns for the other holidays, but I've finally caught up to the times when I became good at design. This isn't my best work, but it's a good Thanksgiving Personal Progress worksheet nonetheless and I hope y'all enjoy.

Thanksgiving Personal Progress

When I was looking for Thanksgiving Personal Progress ideas I realized there were none, and so, to the drawing boards I went.

I ended up coming up with a cute and easy Thanksgiving Personal Progress elective experience that would be fun to give to the Young Women. 

This holiday's free printout is a gratitude journal, with fourteen unique and interesting prompts. The elective experience is to gratitude journal for fourteen consecutive days (two weeks) and see how doing so affects their life, etc. 

I designed it so you can print it in 5 x 7, or just click the button that says "fit to page" when printing and it will magically become 8.5 x 11. Print out the papers, secure the top with some festive colored masking tape, and you're good to go! 

You can access the printout file HERE and please remember to link to THIS POST when sharing! ;)

And if you need a Thanksgiving themed *mutual* didn't say it YOUTH activity, CHECK OUT THIS BELOW! Maybe I'm a lil too excited about it but it's GOOD y'all. I'm pretty darn proud of it. It was fun to make. Check it out...

Thanksgiving Activity

This is a very fun product from my Etsy shop and only $2.99! 

The premise of this activity is...

This mystery/scavenger hunt will promote unity and teamwork among the youth and teach them about gratitude. 

In this activity, they'll compare gratitude to baking cookies. As the youth go to each room, they will receive an ingredient for the cookies, learn a little about gratitude, and receive a clue. The clue will have to be placed there ahead of time and will tell them where to go to next. 

This is a fun activity perfect for your Young Women or Activity Day girls, to teach them about gratitude, sneak some spiritual supplement into the activity, and have a fun time around Thanksgiving. If you don't live in the U.S., give the girls a brief explanation of the holiday this scavenger hunt is based on, and let them complete the fun activity. Gratitude can be understood universally! 

There's clues, ciphers, riddles, puzzles, cryptograms, and more. But don't worry! All of the answers are listed at the end of the packet in case you need to give a hint to the girls. 

Here's the storyline of the Thanksgiving mystery:

"It's Thanksgiving at the Porter house, and Peggy Porter feels a little blue. Nothing seems to be going her way. She just turned 16, but no boys have asked her out. She tried out for the cross-country team, but didn't make it. She's failing Geometry, and on top of it all, her dreadful cousin Patty is going to come stay with them for Thanksgiving weekend.

How in the world is Peggy supposed to feel grateful? 

Peggy's mom wants her to bake some cookies for their ministering sisters, but she has hidden the cooking supplies and ingredients, leaving behind only a couple clues.

Can you find the missing items and mix them together? If so, you'll end up with a delicious treat -- and the answer to the question Peggy keeps asking herself: 

What is gratitude and how can I develop it in my life?"

While Peggy is a Young Woman and a little less relatable to the Activity Day Girls, she appears briefly and I still think the Activity Day Girls will be able to crack the case. Enjoy this with the teen girls, tween girls, or both! (And don't be afraid to make it a combined activity either.)

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Happy Thanksgiving! Look for a Black Friday Personal Progress reboot coming up soon. 

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