grab this girls camp packing list + version en español

2019 Girls Camp season is HERE! Aaaagh! 

I go from blogging about it wayyy ahead of time to passing out the real life info packets... this year is going by so fast! Makes me un poco loco.

Especially thinking about the fact that I have these updated lists, two, in fact, in English, and Spanish!
Woohoo! Alright. Enough with those exclamation points.

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Planning girls camp? Come grab your copy of treat tags, textables, devotional helps & more! ❤Designed for young woman by a young woman to make your life easier. 😘

I discovered that everything you'll need fits in about four categories. Bedding, clothes, toiletries, and misc. This redesigned (and more effective) packing list includes these, plus blank spots for you to write additional notes, customization, etc.

You can access the packing list for free here

Prepping for girls camp? Well, obviously, if you're reading this. 

These four are super helpful and fun in coming up with cheap & cute gifts for girls camp. You can also see my Girls Camp Pinterest board here, for a complete collection of girls camp helps!

Ahora, para mis amigos que hablan español. ¡Tengo una versión en español! Revisé las traducciones muchas veces e incluso revisé el español con mi increíble tía colombiana, por lo que estoy bastante seguro de la precisión que tengo al hacer esto en mi segundo idioma.

 ¡Pero! Si alguna de las palabras en la lista le parece extraña a los hablantes nativos de español, hágamelo saber y estaré encantado de cambiarlo.

Pls Pin, share, follow, all of the things! Most importantly, enjoy your girls camp.

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