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to all the angel mothers

All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.
-Abraham Lincoln

You guys! Mother’s Day is this Sunday! So excited for all the festivities... and for everyone to give their mommies everything they deserve.

I could write a novella here about how awesome my mom is - you could too. I could write line upon line with fancy gifts, exquisite cards, and make dozens of printspo to prove my undying love for my mother. I could have a jet write out the words in the sky, or grafitti them somewhere in the house (lol, wouldn’t that be the best gift) or make a farmhouse or canvas Mother’s Day print, all to tell of my luvvvvvv for her.

Yet... it wouldn’t mean anything if I stopped caring once the holiday ended.

How often do we just say things Bc they’re cute + trendy rn?

That we love our mother, dad, that we’re grateful, loving, scary, peaceful, and fun — right when it’s jusssst the right holiday?

But what if we enjoyed the spirits of the holidays year round-we always were grateful, honored Dad & Mom, thought of Jesus Christ’s birth and resurrection?

Maybe it’s worth a try.

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Enjoy the holiday!!

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