Halloween Personal Progress

Halloween is coming! Just seeing the leaves fall (at least around where I live and all) makes me so undescribably happy. Halloween is just the gateway holiday to Thanksgiving, and Christmas... and everything! While I love Halloween, I had a little trouble coming up with a Halloween Personal Progress related project because the holiday is pretty secular. You ring a doorbell, you get candy, not very much material on that to pull from. But if I made Patriotic Personal Progress, why not try on this holiday?

I've come up with two different ways to merge Halloween and Personal Progress this year, and this is the first.

The natural man is an enemy to God, right? The natural man probably wants to scarf down all of the Halloween candy it receives and not share any of it. But to repel that natural "man" try serving at Halloween!

I've created a value project outline that will take you through EVERY step of the way of sending a Halloween Candy donation to Operation Gratitude. Operation Gratitude creates and sends care packages to members of the US Military. It's a good cause, and they need Halloween candy! The packet guides you through every step of the way, and even if nobody ends up donating candy... you know that night where you go house to house getting free candy? 

I HATE when on Personal Progress blogs they give you value project ideas that don't actually take ten hours, like "read a poem and journal" so I made sure to make steps for each hour that fill each hour! 

All you need to do is print and enjoy. Get the packet for free here.

Hocus Pocus Halloween Value Experiences

People who say that you have to do big, complicated service projects to serve? Ugh, that's just Hocus Pocus.

I originally made these as a product for my Etsy shop, and if you want the cutesy Halloween designed things I've made, it is only $1.99 for the cute Halloween worksheets and packets. But if you can make do with my beautifully designed FREE printable worksheets, go ahead! What the activity focuses on is that you can serve in small ways everyday. Good Works #1 focuses on noticing small acts of service - see here, and Good Works #3 focuses on giving them -- see here. So, to sum it up, if you want the ones decorated for Halloween, feel free to buy them, that would be great, all purchases support my mission fund. If you don't want to pay the small fee, try printing out the free worksheets or using the value project idea.

Don't forget to Pin and share, and if you have any other Halloween PP ideas, be sure to send them my way! And check out my Etsy shop; we're finally getting ready for Halloween!
Yours Truly,
Molly Mormon / Latter-Day Lucie

I Did It - Part Two

I can't believe that the big day has arrived! Molly Mormon, the girl who's been bugging you all to finish YOUR Personal Progress has done it herself! Sure, me earning the medallion probably doesn't affect you too much, but here are some tips to help you earn yours.

1. Use the resources on this blog!

When I joined the Young Women's program, this blog didn't exist. I searched for free Personal Progress resources all over the Web... only to find out that they really didn't exist. The ones that did were done on Microsoft Word, and I wanted to create some resources that were visually pleasing, simple, and functional! Once I started really designing things, I was able to do so! I worked hard to create all of the many amazing resources on this blog, so... please use them! It's what they are there for. If you're just getting started, print yourself the PP Binder.  It's all of the PP Resources of the blog, bundled into one great free package. If you can't afford to print so many items, try going digital! Thanks to my PDF format and a cool tool called Kami, you can still complete Personal Progress online if that's your thing. If you've already started, don't worry. Update your progress on the Personal Progress tracker, and then go to the homepage and print out all the value experiences you need. You still can use the PP Binder if you want, especially if you're under halfway done with the program. Bottom line: I started the program by myself, but using my own resources really helped me to prioritize, get organized, and reach the finish line.

2. Goal set, goal set, goal set!

You might have figured out that I love goal-setting. I've made many resources for doing this, and I'm a firm believer in a)goal setting for big chunks of time and b) always working on something! In the regular program, even now where you have a tricky, tricky time limit, you should always be working on a two week experience. They are tricky (I actually made the mistake of doing ALL of the one-day ones, and then the hard ones) but especially by doing similar experiences at once, you can totally knock them out. Sit down, and figure out how many items you have left. Let's say you are halfway done -- 28 more items in 16 months. You can decide to relax and finish in December - 2 items per month, with 2 extra in summer, or work and finish it before the deadline - 28 items in 7 months, with 4 items per month. Generally, the rule is to divide your items to complete by the time you have left in months, and put the remainder of experiences on your schedule to do in the summer. Right now, it's fall, so be sure to print out a copy of Fall Goal Setting!

3. Personalize Personal Progress to you. 

One year we had a New Beginnings based on the movie "Up." In it a video was shared where Carl Frederickson (the old man) looks through his scrapbook of adventures he never got to go on with his wife. Then he goes to the end, and realizes that they had been going on adventures all along. You may not see it, but often you're doing Personal Progress in your life without knowing it. One example: in a writing elective I took one year, we were assigned to write a 40-page autobiography. Everyone moaned and groaned, but as you might be able to tell I like writing and rambling on, and I was sure I would be able to make the limit, no problem. I wrote about the first 2 years of my life in... 60 pages! People would ask, "How do you do that? How do you have the time?" Unfortunately, I had to make the time. As I was writing that autobiography, I would work on it the whole time in that writing period, and then spend 1-2 hours on it at home. Every day! If I missed a singled day, I would fall way behind. While I was grateful for the good grades I was getting for it so for, I was sort of overwhelmed. It was a huge undertaking. I was spending three hours on it each day for around three weeks! Then something clicked. Not only did I spend over ten hours on it, I was writing about myself, my life story, and developing my... Individual Worth! When I handed in the 225 page autobiography, it felt so good knowing I had earned an A+ and completed a value project! Have you ever been in any situations like this? The things you do for NHS, the school play, soccer choir, getting a driver's liscense... those can be value projects! I strongly advise you to really personalize your value projects to things you need to improve on, you want to work on, you would actually have fun working on. This blog was my C&A project, and while it was hard work, I had fun creating it and learning about design! My Good Works project was keeping the YW bulletin board updated. That was fun. The point is, your church life and school life don't have to be different. Personal Progress helps you integrate them.

4. Start young.

As I look back at myself in earlier years, and at my Personal Progress book, I noticed two things. First, when I was just a wee twelve-year-old, I didn't really have much of a life. Second, I had completed so many things back then! While you may not necessarily have a choice about starting young due to the new deadline, if you do, try and finish when you're 14 or 16! Of course, Personal Progress is designed to let you work at your pace, so do that by all means, but don't save all of your work for your last year in Young Womens! As you go into each new grade, you'll probably get more homework, have more studying to do, join more clubs, and just be busier in general. You'll look back in your book, see what you knocked out your first year of YW and be so grateful. Another piece of advice which is kind of similar to this is to utilize summer! I don't know if your summers consist of camps, travel, or NOTHING, but if you're sad that the answer is NOTHING, use that time to do Personal Progress! Who knows, maybe your leaders have a little Summer Personal Progress program going on? I feel like these two points are similar: you get busier as you go back in the school year and as you get older, so utilize summer and your younger years.

I'm sure there's so much more to say, but overall, I just want to wish you the very best of luck as you complete this program! You can do it, by following the tips above, and if you have any other big bullets to add, let me know in the comments below.

While I know I am going in a new direction with my new blog and shop and all, I'm still here to help!

Yours Truly,
Latter-Day Lucie / Molly Mormon

General Conference Notebook by the Church

You can get the Fall General Conference Notebook here — but it’s not mine. In fact, it’s made by much more skilled graphic designers: those working for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

I had envisioned making a fall version on the blog ever since the spring version was released. But as the church released their own, I began to wonder if it was okay to still release one of my own. Almost all of the time, I only create products that I can’t find elsewhere. And while mine was good, the church’s was even better. So instead of competing with the church, why not support it?

I’m so grateful for the experience the blog has given me in graphic design, because thanks to my experience in it here, I’ve been able to branch off into other ventures and expand my skills. It has been tricky juggling my different graphic design projects, so I thought, no sense in making one with my already limited time!

The thing I like most about the church’s version is that it’s physical! You can hold it without printing it! If you have a subscription to the New Era, you’ll get a copy, and if you don’t, the link is at the top of the post.

And while the designers are different, the concept that I like is the same. Although it seems counterintuitive, or... boring and a lot of work, taking notes makes the talks go SO much faster! So either record revelation or be bored? I think I know my choice!

Thanks again to all readers everywhere!

Yours Truly,
Molly Mormon

Halloween Activity Day Service Project

Halloween is coming up! I could not be more excited, especially to feature the latest product at the shop, a fun Activity Day activity I decided to bring to life through graphic design.

I remember doing this activity a long time ago, and it was one of my favorites Activity Days! I made some printables to bring it to life, and hope you enjoy!

Basically, you'll meet for an Activity Day, and assemble bags of candy for people in your ward who could use a little extra love. Printables for the bags are attached, and they are so cute! The girls will be in costume, and then you and the drivers will take the girls to the houses. You'll reverse trick or treat - ring the doorbell and hand out the candy and brighten their days with fun, fellowship, and ministering.

I remember when we did this activity, I was dressed up as Pippa Longstocking, this girl with horizontal braids. For my costume, we had bent a hanger into a horizontal long wire, which we braided my hair around. It was pretty cool, and when I arrived in costume and we got into the small car, it was so hard not to accidentally poke someone's eye out with the long wire my hair was braided around! It got a little dangerous! Doing this activity was one of my best memories as a young tween, and now I've created the below items so you can have the activity:

- 1 Newsletter/Announcement asking for candy donations and a reminder for the activity
- 1 Candy Donations Sign
- 1 Worksheet so the girls can complete the reading for Serving Others #1 (As always, this activity is Faith in God aligned)
- 4 Cute Halloween Tags to label the goody bags with

If you're interested, view the product and purchase it for only $1.50!

Yours Truly,
Molly Mormon / Latter-Day Lucie

Coco/Family History Themed Activity

Does anyone love the Disney x Pixar movie Coco? 🍿 I don’t think I know any church members who have seen it and not loved its amazing graphics, message, and references to family history. 🥰

It provided the inspiration for my latest activity, a Coco + Family History celebration which
my young women’s group and I just did! Here are some tips to throw your own family history partay!

-Bring food into the equation. Culture + food are so connected that they can be a great medium to get everyone to taste the traditions of their families

-Tell **INTERESTING** stories! We did this in Two Truths and A Lie format so that people were intentionally sharing crazy, fun, unbelievable, and fascinating stories to do well in the game

-Relate ancestors to your Young Women. I recently went and changed a bunch of profile pictures on FamilySearch to the ancestors when they were younger--in their teens to thirties. It helped me realize that they are more than black and white photos. They are people who had the same struggles and joys of life as me! Challenge YW to find a picture of their ancestor that was their age.

-Use "Find My Famous Relatives!" Everyone will have some supercool connections to share.

-Use FamilySearch's activities. Map yourself onto historical photos for a good laugh, find the distribution of your last name, or test the accuracy of their "face-comparison" tool.

-Connect your family to historical events. FamilySearch does all the hard work in this for you, searching records to help you learn about ancestors who served in the draft, were on the Mayflower, lived in Nauvoo, etc.

I believe in you + that you can make family history fun! We had a great night as we did.


Commandments Lesson Helps

Are you a Sunday School teacher or teaching a lesson about the commandments?
This lesson is designed to align with the LDS September Come Follow Me Lesson: What are the promised blessings of keeping the commandments? It goes along with the General Conference Talk "Blessed and Happy Are Those Who Keep the Commandments of God." But you can make it work for any commandments lesson, or Word of Wisdom one! The cute graphics and fun activity ideas are sure to please. This bundle includes...

- 1 Detailed Lesson Plans File
- 1 Group Activity and Directions
- 1 Lesson Worksheet
- 1 Treat Tag - Staple atop a bag of Lifesaver Mints or Gummies.

You can buy it for a very low price here, at my Etsy shop that goes with my new blog that yet to be released. It's been tested and loved, and all proceeds help fund my mission!

While the Etsy shop is already out there, the blog is still in the works. You can trust that it will be released soon! While you wait, feel free to visit my shop. Look around!

Yours Truly,
Molly Mormon/ Latter-Day Lucie

Fall Personal Progress

My birthday is in September, Halloween is in October, and in November we have Thanksgiving, so it's like a non-stop party this time of year. And then we get to Christmas....!!! But that's in winter. So now we're focusing on autumn.

As summer wrapped up, I thought, huh, Summer Personal Progress was fun. I set a goal to finish the Personal Progress Program, and... I did! I really love goal-setting Personal Progress because instead of just forcing the YW to meet a group ideal (5 value experiences each, bleh bleh, bleh) it focuses on the YOUNG WOMEN, their PERSONAL progress, and what THEY want to get done!!

Then I had an idea. What if we don't just try and do Personal Progress when school's out? We can do it all year long!!! 

That is the story of the above product that has been released.

It's exactly the same as the Summer one, except for a new, amazing autumn color palette. And hopefully, when you fill out the tracker this time, you'll have some new things checked off. (Yes, I know I put too many spots in Virtue... I just write "NOPE!" in those spaces.) 

You can get this amazing goal-setting program for free here, and good luck on your Fall Personal Progress.

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Yours Truly,
Molly Mormon

P.S. If you are a 12-year-old Beehive wanting to complete Personal Progress before it ends, you have 6 seasons to complete 48 experiences and 8 projects. I would suggest using the formula of 8 experiences a season, and 1 project a season, doing more projects in the summer. If you do 8 experiences a season, that’s 2-3 each month. 

My New Blog + Etsy Shop

Beware. This is a big post with big news. Enjoy!

When I started this blog such a long while back,(haha, only around 9 months ago) I never envisioned that it would blossom into what it's become. At first, I used Google Docs for my products and Google Drawings for my thumbnails! The blog was virtually unknown. But as time went on, I was able to better my graphic design skills, switching off into graphic design software and creating not only the Personal Progress worksheets but also many other resources. 

The original...
After a while...

I mention this not to toot my own horn, but to thank all of the viewers and supporters of the blog. It's really helped me to gain new skills in graphic design, and given me the experience to venture off into other graphic design projects. One of which I'm very excited and nervous to showcase...

Latter Day Lucie, my new blog, pen name, and accompanying Etsy shop. 

It's kind of going to be like A Year of Progress 2.0, without that specific name. It's an opportunity for me to fund my mission and use new skills, while still penning posts and sharing freebies on my blog.

While the the blog is still being worked on and yet to be released, I've finally been able to set up the Etsy shop and stock it with my first product. 

Got any little sisters at home?

I'm sure I've mentioned mine before! She's an Activity Day girl, somehow looks nothing like me, is blonde and suuuper tan, and the owner of my first ever Faith in God Workbook that I designed for her.

A long while back, I had created it on Google Docs, and then eventually designed it. At first, I felt like no one would want it, but once I moved out of using Google Docs and moved into graphic design software, (similar to the process of my blog) I realized that this could help many Activity Day girls finish their Faith in God, because as my cousin said, "It makes (doing it) so easy!" I'm excited to share this product, and if you have an Activity Day girl, check it out! It's only 4.99. Making free items is definitely important to me and I will share many on the new blog, but I feel like I have finally gained enough confidence to try pricing products as what I think they are worth. 

It takes you through every single step of the way in doing Faith in God, and a black and white edition and boys version will be coming soon. For now, here are a few more details.

Please stay tuned for more updates and check it out! Again, thank you for every view and Pin. Love you all!

Yours Truly,
Molly Mormon / Latter-Day Lucie