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General Conference Notebook by the Church

You can get the Fall General Conference Notebook here — but it’s not mine. In fact, it’s made by much more skilled graphic designers: those working for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

I had envisioned making a fall version on the blog ever since the spring version was released. But as the church released their own, I began to wonder if it was okay to still release one of my own. Almost all of the time, I only create products that I can’t find elsewhere. And while mine was good, the church’s was even better. So instead of competing with the church, why not support it?

I’m so grateful for the experience the blog has given me in graphic design, because thanks to my experience in it here, I’ve been able to branch off into other ventures and expand my skills. It has been tricky juggling my different graphic design projects, so I thought, no sense in making one with my already limited time!

The thing I like most about the church’s version is that it’s physical! You can hold it without printing it! If you have a subscription to the New Era, you’ll get a copy, and if you don’t, the link is at the top of the post.

And while the designers are different, the concept that I like is the same. Although it seems counterintuitive, or... boring and a lot of work, taking notes makes the talks go SO much faster! So either record revelation or be bored? I think I know my choice!

Thanks again to all readers everywhere!

Yours Truly,
Molly Mormon

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