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Coco/Family History Themed Activity

Does anyone love the Disney x Pixar movie Coco? 🍿 I don’t think I know any church members who have seen it and not loved its amazing graphics, message, and references to family history. 🥰

It provided the inspiration for my latest activity, a Coco + Family History celebration which
my young women’s group and I just did! Here are some tips to throw your own family history partay!

-Bring food into the equation. Culture + food are so connected that they can be a great medium to get everyone to taste the traditions of their families

-Tell **INTERESTING** stories! We did this in Two Truths and A Lie format so that people were intentionally sharing crazy, fun, unbelievable, and fascinating stories to do well in the game

-Relate ancestors to your Young Women. I recently went and changed a bunch of profile pictures on FamilySearch to the ancestors when they were younger--in their teens to thirties. It helped me realize that they are more than black and white photos. They are people who had the same struggles and joys of life as me! Challenge YW to find a picture of their ancestor that was their age.

-Use "Find My Famous Relatives!" Everyone will have some supercool connections to share.

-Use FamilySearch's activities. Map yourself onto historical photos for a good laugh, find the distribution of your last name, or test the accuracy of their "face-comparison" tool.

-Connect your family to historical events. FamilySearch does all the hard work in this for you, searching records to help you learn about ancestors who served in the draft, were on the Mayflower, lived in Nauvoo, etc.

I believe in you + that you can make family history fun! We had a great night as we did.



  1. Hello! Is this packet still available? I couldn't see it in the shop, but I would love to purchase it! It looks so fun!

    1. Hi Jackie! Unfortunately, the packet is not available at this time, but I will keep the blog updated. Thank you for bringing to my attention that I had forgotten to do so here. I am so sorry for the inconvenience!