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Beware. This is a big post with big news. Enjoy!

When I started this blog such a long while back,(haha, only around 9 months ago) I never envisioned that it would blossom into what it's become. At first, I used Google Docs for my products and Google Drawings for my thumbnails! The blog was virtually unknown. But as time went on, I was able to better my graphic design skills, switching off into graphic design software and creating not only the Personal Progress worksheets but also many other resources. 

The original...
After a while...

I mention this not to toot my own horn, but to thank all of the viewers and supporters of the blog. It's really helped me to gain new skills in graphic design, and given me the experience to venture off into other graphic design projects. One of which I'm very excited and nervous to showcase...

Latter Day Lucie, my new blog, pen name, and accompanying Etsy shop. 

It's kind of going to be like A Year of Progress 2.0, without that specific name. It's an opportunity for me to fund my mission and use new skills, while still penning posts and sharing freebies on my blog.

While the the blog is still being worked on and yet to be released, I've finally been able to set up the Etsy shop and stock it with my first product. 

Got any little sisters at home?

I'm sure I've mentioned mine before! She's an Activity Day girl, somehow looks nothing like me, is blonde and suuuper tan, and the owner of my first ever Faith in God Workbook that I designed for her.

A long while back, I had created it on Google Docs, and then eventually designed it. At first, I felt like no one would want it, but once I moved out of using Google Docs and moved into graphic design software, (similar to the process of my blog) I realized that this could help many Activity Day girls finish their Faith in God, because as my cousin said, "It makes (doing it) so easy!" I'm excited to share this product, and if you have an Activity Day girl, check it out! It's only 4.99. Making free items is definitely important to me and I will share many on the new blog, but I feel like I have finally gained enough confidence to try pricing products as what I think they are worth. 

It takes you through every single step of the way in doing Faith in God, and a black and white edition and boys version will be coming soon. For now, here are a few more details.

Please stay tuned for more updates and check it out! Again, thank you for every view and Pin. Love you all!

Yours Truly,
Molly Mormon / Latter-Day Lucie

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