st. patty's day gift tag ❣

Okie y’all! I am so excited to share this St. Patrick’s day gift idea and treat tag. The watercolor is super nice, it’s a fun idea, and it’s perfect for the upcoming holiday.

When you think of St. Patty’s day, what color comes to mind? When I found “The Lord is my Shepherd” Psalms I was like, “we got green and we’re set!” And so we are.

Here are the options for making the gift! I’ve included two beautiful handouts in the free printable packet for y’all.

1. Green Treat - any green dessert or candy (I have a treat tag for this)

2.Anti-Pinch Kit - mason jar filled with cute green things to wear on the “big day”🍀nail polish, green bracelets — genius idea: CTR ring?!? You can totally make this cute (I have a mason jar lid tag for this)

I would probably either do 1 or 1+ 2 Bc without 1, 2 is not even spiritual. 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 Anyways just a fun idea for St. Patrick’s Day for y’all!

Get the packet here, and be sure to follow me on Pinterest and Insta for more cute things like this! 

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