lds st. patrick's day quotes

St. Patrick's day! Iss coming! And we're going to make it so gospel related here lol. I hope y'all enjoy these four LDS St. Patrick's day quotes. 

1. Not Lucky, Blessed

I've always wondered where on the spectrum luck lies - is it a fun idea, gospel truth, or false doctrine? James 1:17 so easily answers that question. I've seen this quote many times before and had to letter it, but what bothered me about it was that it said "Not Lucky, Just Blessed." I think having a beautiful personal relationship with Deity, the Divine God and King of the Universe is so much better than being all weird and woowoo with lucky charms. And when we look for God's hand in our lives, the path of coming unto Him and learning who He is can begin.

2. Sorry... but again, luck is bogus

Lol. This is so straightforward it's kind of funny. Although on the surface level this seems like a quote about St. Patrick's day (or probably an anti-St. Patrick's day quote hahahaha) it actually seems to be a lot about accountability. Our agency is a two edged sword. If we are held responsible for all of our sins, doubts, issues, and shortcomings, that's hard. Blaming is comfy - but not as empowering as knowing that we control our own destinies. Our righteous decisions and success? Those come from choices we made with God-given agency (and His help. 😉) All dis "luck" nonsense can't take any credit for that. 😂😂

3. Love is at the end of the rainbow

Alright. Here it goes... I literally have no idea what this quote means. It's like Gordon B. Hinckley put an analogy out there, but never said the other half of it where we get to understand what the heck he's talking about. Like, okie, yahss, love is the pot of gold, and it's at the end of the rainbow... but what is the rainbow?!? It was St. Patrick's day, he's the prophet, I lettered what he said, kinda end of story... if anyone knows what this might mean I am all ears! Maybe it will come to me eventually. 🤷🏻‍♀️

4. Yes! Yes! Unity yayyyyyy

Thank you Hans T. Boom for such a cute quote representing unity, smth that any group anywhere can work on. Love it! It reminds me of Elder Holland's talk about the heavenly choir -- everyone has something unique to bring "to the table" and we must remember this when we're in our wards, quoroms, classes, all the groups that we wouldn't choose to be in but that God chose to organize. 

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