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come, follow me -- for yw: why was a restoration necessary?

New curriculum, new lessons, super fun + exciting! This week I have a quote from the restoration lesson for you to print and share.

I thought it would be relevant and current and cute and fun to share the quote from President Nelson about what we need to do to prepare for April, for which I don't know if I should be excited or scared. 😂 It also teaches us about the restoration itself -- all about light. You know -- pillar of light, glorious light, etc.

which reminds me!! aaaah I've been reading that book, "A Pillar of Light" by Gerald Lund, in the Work and the Glory series and I was amazed by how much it taught me. 

I love reading, but I would never just sit down and read a Church History book. Maybe I would do that if I needed to fall asleep. Honestly, I don't even have the attention to read Saints, even though it is a definite step up from previous Church history books. 

But the Work and the Glory series books are basically historical fiction turning the restoration into a story, so good and I went to Sunday School and actually knew some of the answers and I was like "what !! I thought I was reading but I'm like learning here!" 

So if you own those or have desert bookshelf plus, (or live in Utah and have them at a library or smth) maybe check them out prior to preparing this lesson for some great helps & insights.

You can get the 8.5 x 11 printable of this quote here. To find more YW lesson helps, follow the blog Pinterest account! Nothing outdated over here. 😉

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