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valentine's day quotes!!

this holiday is all about love!! so fun, I'm so over Christmas and ready to celebrate, and so, I've lettered these four valentine's day lds quotes!

Here they are.

This is such a sweet little quote from President Oaks. It kind of shocked me that it was from him because he always seems so straightforward, and serious, but I think this shows a side of him we don't always see. Love is so powerful! And that can be an inspiring thought to consider amidst the chaos of today.

Alright, okay, I'm not going to be all like "omigosh such wisdom I can't believe he came up with that" bc I'm pretty sure he was just quoting a common saying during a talk, but whatever... who cares who made it up iss true! 😂 You know all those other cliche statements you see everywhere ... if you care you will make time. What you spend your time on really shows your priorities.

And this one! Yep. It's actually just a Book of Mormon verse but I think those still count as quotes, in this case from Moroni! The more I study Spanish, Portuguese, and other languages + cultures, the more I realize how stupid English really is. One fun lil example is the word "love." 

I can "love" this, "love" that, her, him, it, God -- and none of those would be romantic. Which is confusing. Why even use the word, then? Moroni helps us out by clearing things up here. Charity is the pure love of Christ. Christlike love is charity.

And charity never faileth! I always just thought "that's the RS motto" but with the NT reading last year I was like "ooooooh so fun that's like actually a scripture." I was really disappointed when I found out that the KJV doesn't translate that Corinthians section as love, it calls it charity.

 I was so mad bc I was like "ummmmm I want to do a 12 days of love blog post thing and Valentine day and grrrrr" but ig with the Book of Mormon and this verse we have an expanded understanding and the verse makes more sense.

And here is the final quote that we have!! Yayyyyyy so love is the defining characteristic of a disciple of Christ. If you follow this principle, a disciple of Christ shows Christlike love. 

Lolll ok this is sooo random and kind of unrelated to the kind of love I'm talking about but you know the quotes that are like "if someone's dating you they'll be nice to you but look at how they treat others bc that's how they'll  eventually treat you."

yep. how we treat others... really does say a lot more about who we really are than how we act when there's some sort of punishment or incentive on the line...it is really so important and it is so hard but that's something that is clearly the ultimate thing we can hope to achieve in discipleship.

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I hope y'all have an amazing holiday!!


  1. Hi Claire, Where I can find a link to purchase these prints (specifically the love quote by Elder Uchtdorf)? I thought it would be perfect to add to some chocolates for the families we minister to.

  2. What a sweet idea! https://bit.ly/2LPDX0W