#lighttheworld yw christmas gift idea

Okay y’all, officially my bad, but there are still 3 Sundays to hand out this super cute #LightTheWorld young women Christmas gift!! I promised I would create one, and here it is. I love how cute it turned out. I wanted this to be timeless, something that works for all the #LightTheWorld campaigns because although they change the theme every year, it always is the same principle: teaming together as a church to create an impact during Christmastime in the world. That’s what the poem on here is all about — a young women class effort to serve this season.
The poem isn’t my best of all time, but hey, it works! 😂
The gift going with it is twinkle lights! (That brand is the one I used/have tested.) About them, it says,
“Here are some twinkle lights.
They sparkle in the night.
They give off warmth and radiance as they shine bright.
Although these lights are tiny,
These lights on the string,
They unite and they share light.
This Christmas let’s all #LightTheWorld and live like our Savior, our King.
When we work together we can do great things.
Twinkle lights are just sooo cute and a great gift for Christmas! You can get the poems, there are 4 to a page, as gift tags, here. Don’t forget to check out my other #LightTheWorld resources and sign up for those service texts!

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