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lds christmas quote #2 — when santa joined the fun

Hey, y’all! It’s the Christmas season — yet again — and I’m so excited to share this hand-lettered quote. It’s from Jeffrey R. Holland, and it teaches 2 basic things:

  1. "All (of these fun Christmas symbols) are welcome. While we can be in the danger of forgetting the Christ in Christmas sometimes, these additional symbols of Christmas in and of themselves aren’t always bad. They can even be turned into gospel analogies, as I display here. This movie “Why do we call it Christmas” for kids is SO great for explaining all of the reasons behind the name Christmas, the tree, its time in the year, who St. Nick was and how he turned into Santa Claus, and more -- all in a not boring way! What matters is the results it brings to our lives -- by the fruits ye shall know them, right?
  2. An entirely different spin could be taken off of this quote if desired. Sometimes we can get so stressed and overwhelmed at the holidays — all this shopping to do, decorating, baking, keeping up traditions and habits, and everything there seems to beg to be done. But it’s a gentle reminder that all those things are optional - you are choosing to participate in these traditions and getting the credit for doing so, but you can also choose to eliminate ones that are doing more harm than good.
Just a few things to think about! Merry Christmas y’all!

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