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yw birthday packet!

I created this packet several years ago & hope y'all like it! It is a timeless kit, meaning that you can purchase it once and then use it for your YW for years to come. Here's a quick explanation of the items in the kit. If you want to jump straight to the listing, go here.

I created these gift tags with gifts that I would personally want to receive (as a YW) in mind.

1. Scrunchies - I think you can catch that these are pretty popular, right? They are great to have around for when you need to pull your hair back, to accentuate a hairstyle, and as an accessory for the wrist. Even if you have some young women who don’t have long enough hair to use a scrunchie, this gift won’t exclude anyone — wearing a scrunchie on the wrist is just as popular as wearing them in your hair. The gift tag going with this one says, “Scrunchies make everything better. We hope you have the best birthday ever.” Cute cute, right?!

2. eos - these are so great for gifts and super popular. They just come in the cutest colors and are so handy to just have to untwist and put chapstick on with. Then, once all the lip balm is gone from the eos, there are SO many adorable ways to be earth-friendly and reuse your eos container. I’ve seen them be turned into succulent pots, pencil sharpeners, candles, deodorant sticks, and even just refilled with more lip balm. Eos lip balms are just supercute and a great choice all around. I created a card that has the eos popping out on a cute 3D style. It’s soooo cute and definitely a good yw birthday gift idea.

3.Finally, the “hands down” card is very versatile and works great for nail polish, lotion, hand sanitizer, soap (although that would be weird to give to a young women lol) my point is that it can go with a a lot of things! I originally made it to go with a PocketBac hand sanitizer, because ain’t nobody got time for painting their nails when they’re in high school and seminary and clubs and classes, but lotion and other things could go with this, and the tag makes it so that you can gift whatever item you want!
And of course I have a ziploc bag topper, and that rounds out this cute little packet. It is printer friendly, with soft, muted jewel tone colors, and your young women will love to get these cute birthday gifts as you celebrate them this year!

Check out this packet here, on my shop!

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