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4 christmas quotes

Merry Christmas! I hope these gospel Christmas quotes help brighten your season. Print them & add some Christ-centered Christmas spirit in your home!

1. Heavenly Holiday Hymns

To be honest, I love the buildup to Christmas even more than the day itself. And a huge part of that is the music! I didn’t letter all of this quote, but it went on to say that “Someday we will sing those songs with the hosts of heaven.” 😇 Y’all. Y’ALL! Take your expectations of heaven and raise the roof cuz President Eyring has told us we are going to be singing Christmas songs up there!! 🙌 🎶

2. Celebrate Traditions, Stay Centered in Christ

I love Elder Holland’s take on our spiritual & secular Christmas traditions. Rudolph, Santa & Frosty are fun! 🎅🏻 But let’s also always remember & focus on not only what but Who 🙏✝️ preceded them.

3. Reason For the Season

The Spirit helps confirm to our hearts many truths, one of this which is how crucial the Savior is to His day, our salvation, and everything, really, as President Monson describes.

4. Story of Love

It doesn’t take lots of searching to see what’s behind such a sacrifice for us. John 3:16 and President Eyring both talk about the love that allowed Christmas — our Savior’s birth — to occur. God’s love. And God is love, which I feel so strongly on this holiday.

Get the Prints

 I got your link coming up soon. 💜 Before you download & dash, I just want to make sure you know this is NOT the only resource I have to make your life easier as a busy Latter-Day Saint? To see & have all my free resources at your fingertips, follow me on Pinterest! 📌Now here's the promised PDF. Merry Christmas again! I hope this season you feel God's love for you. 🥰

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