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lds thanksgiving quote #3 -- look around, look around

“Count Your Blessings” is seriously the best Thanksgiving hymn. Like look y’all it’s some Thanksgiving music! 

I won’t quote its lyrics, bc um that would be ...cliche, but I will say it’s a pretty great hymn. Sometimes things really do look bad. I remember so many moments, praying about everything going wrong, and then turning to the “thanking” portion of the prayer; tearfully searching and scanning and looking only to find that it seemed things to be grateful for just didn’t exist. The looking up, trying to see through the blur of the tears, and thinking “If ALL of this is happening... are You really there?”

But the thing is, after all the grief is grieved for a while, the tears are shed in a puddle, a choice remains. Do we search for the blessings in disguise?

I’ve found that no matter how desolate things seem, there’s always a small shred of a tender mercy to remember and hope for. 

When I’m sick? Grateful for the immune system. When I’m tired? Thankful for the weekend, however far away it is. This isn’t about being Pollyanna, though. She’s annoying. It’s about picking yourself up, dusting yourself off, and seeing that walking through the storm with an umbrella is a choice. 

This principle is what my activity, “The Thanksgiving Mystery” is all about! The main character, Peggy, is having a lot of things happening to her, and she wonders how to be thankful at Thanksgiving and move on. But to figure this out (although it really is simple lol) she must go through puzzles, cryptograms, and codes while making delicious cookies. Sounds crazy, I know, but it is seriously such a fun Thanksgiving activity! It incorporates doctrine, treats, and clues, and could be great as a combined or yw activity, for ad girls, or even for families. Check out it here.

Happy Friday! 

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