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3 yw christmas gift tags

Y’all, it’s finally somewhat Christmas time and I’m sharing YW Christmas gifts and aaaah SO excited!

Okay. So I know it’s November. But it’s really hard to stay off Christmas when you’re batch creating the Christmas content, practicing Christmas songs for piano, choir, and church choir, and Halloween is over, peoples! Also, Christmas music is always available. The temptation is real, people. No, the real reason I’m putting these out a lil early - and making it a list post 😁 - is that I’ve gathered that yw Christmas gifts are a big deal! I make little treat tags every month for if leaders want to give their girls a little something for the holiday, but I know others just do Christmas and birthday gifts, so I wanted to have good options for those people.
I’m so excited to share all these great ideas with y’all. I wanted all of these to be inexpensive & doable, especially for if you’re needing to purchase for a large group of YW.

This post took a long time to create, oh my goodness! I had to think of the gifts, then think of the tags, and then make them. Then, I spent a few hours taking like 30 photos, then I edited them, and yeah... this is why I don't do photography for everything! But seriously tho, the process of making it was so fun, snapping pictures of super easy Christmas gifts while blasting my perfect Christmas music playlist in the background.

Maybe I'm evil for sharing this in November. It's like the shoulder angel and devil - no, the shoulder turkey! The turkey be all like "We shall remain PRESENT!!!" and then the other... Rudolph idk is like, "Just give in already. Halloween is over, soo....."

But. Whether I tell y'all or not, I still am making this in November so I can focus on the New Year Go & Do stuff -- so why schedule this to be posted later when I know that everyone is secretly thinking about Christmas anyways?😉

Although I format it like a craft post, these are super low-key. As long as you can cut out gift tags and tape them onto something, you're good. And you can make pretty much all of them with basic things you could find around your house. I have a few supplies to make the gifts extra cute (hole punch, ribbon, cello bag) but all you really need are scissors or a papercutter, and tape. That's it! Oh, and a pencil to write some personal messages, right?

Ok, let's jump right into it!

1. Angel Gift

I love the angel part of Christmas! It is such an awesome aesthetic, and I really would have loved to be in or at least seen that ultimate gospel choir. That’s at least how I imagine it. I think they would be singing that music. 😂
I found the verse referring to this awesome squad of angels, and lettered it on a gift tag for y’all. If you’re planning on doing this one, this is how I made it into a gift to give out to the YW.

I used an angel figurine I already had after I looked on where to find it I saw it might be out of a YW budget price range. It was like 10$ so not that expensive, but wayyyy too much when you’re purchasing for a bunch of young women!

The company, GANZ, has a whole line of angel things. It’s $5 for one. I then also found a much cheaper set of angel ornaments in bulk. For some reason, it’s nearly impossible to find inexpensive angel figurines, but angel ornaments exist. Lol. The ornaments are a little on the more expensive side (they aren't a fortune, but they aren't like a cent apiece either) but if you have a lot of money left in the budget and it doesn't roll over, this is something you could maybe choose to spend on.
You can follow the process I used as far as you want or just give them the tag & the gift by yourself!
I thought it would be cute to put it in a cello bag.
I then took a circle punch (hole punch was missing, so gotta be creative y’all!) and string, and used it to attach the tag to the bag. Simple, cute, easy. If I can do it (I am artistic but NOT crafty at all) you definitely can too! This is how it turned out. It almost felt wrong like putting an angel in a bag lol, but I think it could be so cute with like Christmas candies in the bag and whatever. You don't have to put it in a bag, but it does step it up a lil bit and make it more formal and less "take this from my hand!"

Get the angel gift tag here. I’ve put links as to what gifts would go well with it above. Additionally, I wanted there to be a way for you to write a message to the YW if you wanted to, so I made a foldable version of the tag.

Ok. First of all aaaaaah I am laughing SO hard because even as I was writing it, I was like "heaven is cheering you on yesterday" just doesn't sound right. How could they... grammar...English?

 I ended up looking up the quote and I was like "ohhhhhh hehe, it's heaven is cheering you on TODAY, tomorrow, and forever!" So. Don’t write that. Don't judge my errors, but please do notice that while I call them YW Christmas Gifts you can TOTALLY use them for like any Christian Christmas sort of thing. Ministering sisters, Activity day girls, and of course, for anyone who is chill with the Bible! So yeah. This is the final project, and I love how it turned out.

2. He is the gift.

He is the gift! Our merciful Savior and His atonement and love is the ultimate Christmas present. Toys and clothes and things are fun but they won’t give us eternal salvation.
I already had this, and if you want a free, great picture of the Savior, you’ll want to go to LDS media and see what they have. The pictures are all great, free, and good for noncommercial use. I used this picture.
If you’re looking for a step up from a Bible video screenshot, you should check out “The Hand of God” by Yongsung Kim.
It is so pretty and I originally wanted it in my room, but obviously, Art is expensive and I really didn’t feel like spending like 10$ just on a picture to be shipped to me from across the country.

I also didn’t want to steal an artist's work, so I went with the freebie! But this painting is so beautiful that I couldn’t resist throwing it out as an idea. It is pretty expensive, but the 3 x 4 size is at an affordable bulk price. You can get it here. The 5x7s are $7, which are great, but not the most cost-effective if you have over ... like ... 1 YW😂.
I just put this in a cute gold $1 frame and wrapped it in a ribbon. Bc you know - He is the gift! Here is the finished product. Ta da! If you like the "He is the gift" tag, get it here. I made like 4 in different sizes, with you can trim and attach to the frame!

3. Candy cane

If you’re going to give the girls candy canes, add this treat tag & connection to the Savior with it.
I really think the best defense against forgetting the Christ in Christmas is taking the symbols that don’t relate and discussing how they can connect to the gospel. This is an example!
Jesus Christ truly is the Good Shepherd, and He will pick us up on his shoulders & carry us home. He will leave the 99 to find us, and I used John 10:11 about this on the treat tag.
We do celebrate that He was born, but if He didn’t fulfill His earthly mission, teach, preach, love, die for us, and atone and make it possible for us to live again, His birthday really wouldn’t be that big of a deal for us.

My siblings love giving me advice about everything, and in this case, they opted for a huge candy cane that was $2 from Target. They told me this was because it would photograph better, you know them, always looking out for me, but later I realized that they had formed a secret combination that if I got the big one, they got to split it. Real nice. But it's fine, they can eat the huge candy cane, it will probably maybe teach them patience or something bc they can't bite it! haha.

Anyways, that's the candy cane I used, but you can find MUCH cheaper packages in bulk.This set from Oriental Trading is 24 for $6. Very inexpensive for a big group of YW.

And there is the finished product. Y'all see how big that candy cane is? Lol. If you like the gift tag printable, you can get it for free here.

Alright, y’all! That is it! All of the finished products are up there, and I think they are some pretty great ideas. If you love this, could you share it with just 1 YW leader you think this would help? Also, be sure to follow my Pinterest account for more LDS ideas.

Be on the lookout for a bonus #LightTheWorld YW Christmas gift. It’s gonna be great. Coming soon!

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