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lds halloween quote #1 - never let fear decide your future

Y'all..... do you FEEL that awesome Halloween vibe? Omigosh, I'm soooo excited for it to be October, and maybe we have like 31 days or smth to go, but I am so incredibly here for it and I'll be releasing a Halloween quote every Friday.

The gospel doctrine I decided to pull from Halloween was all about fear. Just think about it - Fright Fest, Haunted Houses, scary peeps, horror movies, I mean somehow, there are people who actually love that fear in their system.

Haha, nope, I think I fall into the other category of those who just struggle with fear and anxiety as a part of life. I'm super creative and imaginative, but that can easily fall into catastrophizing when trouble is near.

Whether you avoid fear like the plague or actively go and seek it, this theme of quotes all about fear is for you. The first in the series is from James E. Faust. He says, "Never take counsel from your fears."

Who is that ... ew, creature... that always whispers to you "you're not good enough," and "you need to look out" and "danger is behind every corner" and idk all these lies?

Maybe Satan? And just a good idea in life is NOT to listen or make decisions based on him.

Our Savior, Father, and the Spirit on the other hand are the opposite in Their love and actions, and we can really go to prayer and ask them about what we need to do in things.

As the Bible says, "I was not given the spirit of fear." Fear is just not of Him. Period. As we really know the gospel, we'll see it's the gospel of hope, peace, joy, and love.

Well, I'm super ready to go put up my Halloween decorations and smell that pumpkin spice in the air. Ughhhhh omigosh I love this time of the year, and with Thanksgiving and Christmas on the way, there's good things to come.

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Enjoy your weekend!

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