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5 reasons to use the church's general conference notebook

Y'all we are officially at T minus 1 week til General Conference! Ughhhh it is totally sneaking up on us! But I am so excited.

This probably isn't going to be the most monumental blog post ever, lol. But it's not about pretending I'm a famous person taking stances on issues and convincing the many readers on my blog. Haha, no, maybe this is just my explanation as to why I'm not making one this year. ;)

After realizing all of these 5 reasons that this notebook is pretty amazing, I thought I might as well lay off making my own and link to this one instead.

1. It's all printed out for you!

Don't you love having things in color? It's awesome, but not when you have to constantly replace the color ink. I think color printing is a necessary evil, but if you have a New Era subscription, you get to skip that step and just enjoy the book. 

2. It's free!

If you don't subscribe to the magazine, there's no need to worry. I think it's pretty obvious that it only costs money to pay for them to produce the magazine, as you can access all of the magazines for free online. The church has some really convenient options for you to print out your own copies for free - no strings attached. If you don't want to print in color, they have one optimized for black and white printing. If you want to fold it, they have that for you, and if you aren't into origami, just print out their other option. 😂 Grab that free copy here.

3. It's well designed!

Graphic design has evolved so much over the years, and the church has gone right with it. Maybe I appreciate how good their resources look because I know it's a tough job, but honestly, they really do an excellent job on the fonts, colors, and design. It's simple but really nice. 

Honestly, I've noticed that their Ensign design differs from the New Era mostly in that the New Era has so much more pictures, fonts, illustrations, and designs supplementing the great articles. I think it's sweet that they would have people take the time to make such a cute notebook to use.

4. The church made it!

I think that we can assume that if it's made by a church magazine, some general authorities were probably involved with directing it somehow. I'm not discrediting resources made by those awesome Latter-Day Saint bloggers because I am literally one of them lol and we are just sharing our talents -- BUT I'm just pointing out that it is cool that this is pointing us in the direction of what the Salt Lake people want us to do.

5. It guides you to get the most out of general conference!

This is it. It's so simple, but really helpful in the pre, during, and post general conference process. It has a "fantasy football" General Conference game for you (though they don't call it that.) It has a handy lil chart of all the 12 Apostles so you can know who is talking even when you miss their 30-second name flash on the screen. And it guides you to ask some questions before it, take notes and receive revelation during it, and then go and do after the event. 

So if you're looking for an updated notebook on my blog, you won't find one (tbh my first one was pretty terrible) but what if there was an amazing general conference notebook right under your nose the whole time?

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