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What's up, everyone? We're back again with another quote in the August trial series! Haha, isn't that such a fun topic? It's just a little party over here already.

This week's quote is short and sweet, it's from President Gordon B. Hinckley (also curious... do you still refer to the prophets as presidents after they pass away???) and I love it because it is so easy to implement! 

A lot of times in church we get told amazing things that are absolutely true - like "Come unto Christ" and I'm like "Yuss I totally want to do that... but how?" Like, how? Let's get some actual steps to get through our trials, right? 

This quote helps us with an actionable step to feel better instantly. 

I always try to make my illustrations a little representative of what's going on, not just cute graphics but really things that jive with what's going on with the text and narrative and tell a story, and this one is no exception.

 As you can see, no matter our age, gender, race, economic status, whatever, we all have trials happening to us as a part of being in this big crazy world. 

No matter how perfect someone's clothes, smile, family, and Instagram seem to be, we really can't always know what they are going through. Some trials are absolutely more externally obvious than others, but you really can't assume that with your current knowledge about other people, you're the only one suffering. 

I mean, just look at all those sad faces. They're a lil gloomy and creepy, imho.

And Satan would like us to stay in a miserable state like he is in. So what's the opposite of that? 

Simple acts of service. 

It's great when you do huge favors that are very obvious and that everyone can see, but sometimes even better than that are those acts of simple secret service. 

Suddenly the faces on the bottom all contain a cute smile. I wonder what acts of service they added into the world!!

Speaking of little, quick things you can do, would you consider following my Pinterest account? (Shameless self promotion, I know.😂😂) Then after you're done with that 5-second task, go get off your phone/computer/tablet/screen and serve someone! Really look around and see where you can direct some love and kindness, because trust me, there are so many opportunities. Also I just realized that the Church has a website called JustServe so be sure to see if there is anything good on there and enjoy your weekend.

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