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👉Do you get overwhelmed by your responsibilities in your calling? 👉Do you wish you could have more time for the "fun stuff" that...

your green light to go and do!

Here is 2020 print #3. I am so pleased with how this supercute print turned out. You can use it as a binder cover, mini poster, art print, or handout to share with the girls about the upcoming theme for next year.

And of course, you know how the theme relates to the graphic above. Through the Holy Ghost, we know when to go and do. We can be told when to not do something which will harm us in the long run. And we can also be told to stop doing this and that and take a break.

Don't pretend you haven't heard that devotional at every single Latter-Day Saint baptism! 🤣

I think there may be 1 or 2 2020 prints to come, so be sure to follow my 2020 theme board on Pinterest to stay up to date with all of the free resources coming out! You can also access my other 2020 mini posters with the links below.

We Can Go and Do It! Featuring Rosie the Riveter💪
Go and Do! With Converse 

Love you all and best of luck with planning for 2020. You can get the printable version of it here - so sorry I forget to add that lol!

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