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Black Friday Personal Progress

Think of Halloween. 

In this holiday, people go door-to-door, getting candy, and then eat it all. 

Think of Black Friday.

In this holiday, commercialism trumps gratitude, as sales seep into the hours of Thanksgiving as people go from shop to shop, fighting over the best deals and bargains.

But this gluttonous holiday can be used as a teaching moment. 

Imagine a Halloween where you enjoyed using picking and carving the pumpkins to enjoy family time. Where you taught your children to say "thank you" at the end of each request for candy, take one piece when a bowl of candy was left out, and yes, choose the harder right by walking on driveways instead of lawns.

Imagine a Black Friday where you waited until Thanksgiving was over, and then took your time teaching your kids about money, budgeting in a positive way, and spent time with them casually looking for deals?

My point?

These secular holidays we Americans love aren't going to go away, and instead of renouncing them, we can use them as teaching moments. 

Integrating Black Friday with Personal Progress

This will help the Young Women complete Choice and Accountability #7, which is one of the harder  electives out there, but this packet takes you through every single step of completing it and ties it in to Black Friday. It talks about making the CHOICE to live free of debt, manage money wisely, and be self reliant. It explains financial literacy vocab terms and helps them assess their financial situation and create a budget, and see how much they can spend on Black Friday with a section of their Budget. 

Remember, everyone, to do tithing, mulitply your income by 0.1.
For sales (40% off!), convert to a decimal (40% becomes 0.4) and multiply by original price.
For tax, find your total and mulitply it by 1 + the percentage that you are being taxed. I think it's usually 5% sales tax so you would multiply the total by 1.05. 

As adults, you totally should know this, I just wanted to talk about Algebra a little in the boring days of GEOMETRY(🤮,🤮) so thank you for letting me!

Yours Truly,
Latter-Day Lucie

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