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Why is it important to gain an education and develop skills?

1. Introduce the Topic

I first passed around the paper "Into the Future" (Portrait Pieces of Paper, p. 1) and had the girls start filling it out to begin thinking and get some wheels turning. While they sighed about the fact that, yes, they would have to grow up and leave home eventually, I set up the game (detailed in the next bullet) and video. Most of their responses were, "for da money," so try and pitch in as a leader with any more reasons to get an education.

2. Play the Video

Yep, gotta put in the Studio C somehow. Everyone heard the little intro for their sketches and got really excited. Just show the video, and then mention that you will be playing "Latter-Day Life!"

3. Play The Game

Set up a ceratin number of groups, with one leader in each group. Tell the leaders beforehand that they need to skip it on going to college and try and persuade the girls not to go to college, so that you have an example to talk about. (Sister Hinson decided not to go to college, and she ended up driving for Uber!) Each game board needs a dice and markers for the players (I used folded strips of cardstock. The girls could draw themselves on it and then they would stand up and it was like they were moving.) To play, decide which path you will take, pay for what you need to pay for, and try to get through Life without paying too many taxes! How I did this was I made a giant dice with faces saying "1," "2," "1," "2," "3," and "Pay $1000 in taxes!" the infamous one. If you don't go to college you get a blue card randomly. If you do go, you can choose a yellow card. I forgot to put this on the game board, but doctors or lawyers must complete the College Path 2x. Everyone had lots of fun playing the game, and at the end, we went around and compared 'retirement funds.' Our non-collegegoers ended up being department store workers, and Uber drivers, and didn't have the most provident life ahead. Lol. Overall, this was a really fun game and a great discussion can follow. 

That was all we ended up having time for, but if you have bonus time, try letting the girls do Individual Worth #4, cute worksheet included!

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Latter-Day Lucie

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