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Doodle Notes and Picture Quotes

It's the General Conference season, and I'm so excited to continue receiving revelation. 

The rest of this weekend, I'll be posting quotes for every General Conference talk, and so far, here's what's out! If you like these, be sure to Pin and share them, or just follow my 2018 General Conference Board on my official account. I'll post them on Sundays until they're all covered. Enjoy!

Saturday Morning

When I saw President Nelson step up to the pulpit, my heart was pounding. I didn't know what he was going to announce, but I knew he was going to announce something. 

When Quentin L. Cook announced the changes, I was overjoyed. I'm so excited for the new direction the chruch is heading in, with more of a family-focus and flexibility. Instead of dictating that we must have FHE on Monday nights and shaming us for not, they are now giving us a lovely and very flexible FHE program. We don't have to have FHE on Monday, or even on the same weeknight. Now they are focused on us having it, and allowing us to have it. I'm excited to keep doodling, listing, and hearing revelation!

I absolutely loved this talk, especially the emphasis he placed on the words "hard things." All of us are faced with "hard things"  that are so unbelieveably saddening, but can also be humbling. The  hard things vary, and so do their reasons, but we can find healing and hope. 

This was a nice talk, specifically good for parents, but anyone can take truths from it and lead/create fun and effective family traditions.

Okay, I had to cheat and use a photo for this one... sorry! But this one is a great talk about fear/anxiety, definitely worth reading.

Saturday Night (General Womens Session) 

More will be posted later!

Yours Truly,
Molly Mormon

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