4th of July FHE Lesson Plans + Patriotic Desserts

I don't usually post FHE lessons on the blog. Or Come Follow Me resources... the list goes on and on. But when I'm trying to find something and nobody has made any resources covering something, you know the drill. I do it myself, and share it here.

So let's begin!

Opening Song: The Star Spangled Banner

Say an opening prayer!

Scripture: Ether 2:12


Read Alma 46:12-13, and explain that our nation was founded over these principles. Like Captain Moroni, the Founding Fathers and members of the colonies wanted religious freedom, and safety. In the Revolutionary War, that is our people gave up their lives fighting for. Explain that the Fourth of July celebrates the Declaration of Independence and our victory in the war.

Then announce that you will be watching a mini-movie.

Has anyone watched Liberty's Kids in school or at home? Lol. Our family got them along while back and it was fun to rediscover them. I've fallen in love with the adorable cartoons and cheesy acting. And know that I'm older, I actually recognize some of the names that are being said (stupid John Dickinson...) Haha, I'm a history nerd. It's okay. Anyways, if you have the DVDs like we do, look on Disc #2, and watch "The First Fourth of July." It captured the attention of my whole family -- considering age gaps, a big feat -- and we had a fun time watching and being annoyed at Henri. 

Have no Liberty's Kids DVD? Have no fear. I found a Fourth of July summary video on History Channel, and you can watch it here. It's considerably shorter than the other option, however, with attention spans, that may be better. I also remember watching the John Adams show in Social Studies, and I think maybe they have an episode on the topic. 

Share the quote from Benjamin Franklin: "We must, indeed, all hang together, or most assuredly, we shall all hang separately." Discuss that what the Founding Fathers did (while not a sin) was considered treason and they really risked our lives to help the future citizens of the country live in a free nation. 


I have several activity options for you to choose from. I found them off Pinterest, and hope you have fun doing them!

1. Painting Fireworks Craft By A Thrifty Mom -- This is ideal for families with some little kids and toddlers.

2. Fourth of July Duct Tape Parade Stick by Crafts by Amanda -- I like that this one is a little more tricky and could be fun for older families.

3. Fourth of July Rockets By Simple Play Ideas -- And the rocket's red flare! The bombs bursting in air! This idea looks easy, cute and fun.

4. Fourth of July Scavenger Hunt by Kids Activities Blog -- enough with crafts! This fun activity should get you up and movin'!

If you want other ideas, just look them up on Pinterest. Oh, how I love that website.

Closing Song: God Bless America

Say a closing prayer!

Treat: Choose from the list of patriotic desserts below.

2. Patriotic Caramel Pretzel Bites by Two Sisters Crafting

3. Fourth of July Layer Cake by Exclusively Weddings

4. Fourth of July Fruity Cupcakes  by Princess Pinky Girl 

5. Make sugar cookie dough and split it into three parts. Color one part red, one part blue, and leave the last part how it is. Bake the cookies and enjoy!

Have fun! Yours Truly,
Molly Mormon

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