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Faith in God & Personal Progress | Sister Bonding Time!

How would you like to grow closer to your lil/big sis, and get Personal Progress/Faith in God done at the same time? 

I'm not saying that after doing this, boom, all problems will be solved. But I love the idea of helping my lil' sis get FIG done while crossing off PP as well.

As I was helping my sister do FIG, I realized that some of her experiences were similar to mine -- PP was just amped up a little. So why not combine the two? In this PDF, you'll find a Personal Progress experience matching with each of the Learning and Living the Gospel experiences, Serving Others experiences, and Developing Talents experiences. Some are electives, but some match almost perfectly. Good luck!

To print the worksheets for free, click here.

Yours Truly,
Molly Mormon

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