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Good Works 6

You can get the free printable worksheet for this experience here, and I have ideas for what to do for your service below. 

I ended up going to a outdoors cleanup activity, and got the service marked off then. See if your ward is doing a service activity. You can join in and mark off the experience! In case nothing's really going on, here are some easy ways to get the service hours in. 

Online Service

1. Tag photos for the church.  The Church has many images that writers can use in Church magazines, and other media, but they can sometimes be hard to find. You can look at the photos, tag what you see in them, and make the image library more search-able. 

2. Save your ancestors on the other side of the veil?!? You can index names, attach records, and find temple ordinances to do all at familysearch.org. Possibly, you could spend 1.5 hours finding the names, and 1.5 hours actually going to the temple and doing the baptisms and confirmations for them. 

Local Community Service 

3. Find the local service at JustServe.org. There are a plethora of different service opportunities you can do, and after you type in your zip code, they'll show up.

4. Help make your city look pretty. Clean up trash or plant flowers or trees, possibly as a mutual activity? 

5. Help the nearest big city's homeless. You can create blessing bags, full of care essentials. When you count shopping for the supplies, assembling the bags, and driving to the city and distributing them, you'll have done it for at least three hours. 

Fundraising Service 

6. You can earn money by having a bake sale, dinner, car wash, or carnival. Then, donate the proceeds to LDS Charities, where you know it will go to a good cause.

Ward Service 

7. Consider babysitting kids for free, so that their parents can enjoy dinner and a temple trip. While getting paid is great, some families can't afford to pay a babysitter, so you'll really be helping them out. 

8. Take over a meetinghouse cleaning shift for a family. (This would make more sense and be fun to do with some of your YW friends.) They're off the hook, and you can clean  your church building for the service. 

Yours Truly,
Molly Mormon

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