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Good Works 7

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One thing about this experience is that it assumes the person you invite to this activity will say 'yes'. Of course, that is definitely not always true. If the person you invite declines or is busy, please know that you still may have made a small difference in their life. Maybe in ten years, they'll find the church, and recognize the name. They'll remember their great friend who was a member of it, and smile. And maybe even join? You never know, and if you end up being able invite someone, I give you a virtual high five. It takes courage, and even if the person doesn't end up being able to come, you did it! You gave them the invitation. 

Whenever I have thought about inviting someone to mutual, I usually start by saying, "Are you free on Tuesday nights?" If they say no, then I know that it's because they're simply busy. If they say yes, I can extend the invitation. 

Wishing you luck!
Yours Truly,
Molly Mormon

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