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Good Works 5

You can get the free printable worksheet here. It is two sided, so you can print it as one nice and easy sheet. I thought that some people might be annoyed if there were three pages, but if you don't really care, then you can get the One-Month tracker here. It will help you as you complete this experience, you can check off each do you meet your goal of serving this family member.

Wondering how to serve them? Here's a couple ideas, all wrapped up in a nice infographic, which you can Pin and share. 

I'm not saying that dads wouldn't like a clean room, or moms would hate breakfast in bed, or even that every little sister likes makeup and girly things. And honestly, I'm sure most of your family members would appreciate any item off of this list. It's just some general ideas to get you started. 

Yours Truly,
Molly Mormon

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