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Good Works 4

This is a nice, easy one-day experience. You can get the free printable worksheet here, and I have some ideas and suggestions below.

When I did this experience, I used an object lesson from the New Era called "Yum or Num." It is a cute little object lesson, and to go with the lesson theme, you can have some easy marshmallow cheescake  for your FHE treat!

In case you want to use another idea, I've rounded up two more below, complete with treat ideas! 😋

Idea #2 is from A Year of FHE. She always uses pictures, cool stuff, etc, so I think it passes the test. You can see the lesson plan here. To go with the "showing LOVE through service" theme, you can make some pretty cool looking heart brownies.

This "Parable of The Wooden Spoon" service FHE from Melanie's Library sounds cool. For your treat, you can enjoy homemade ice cream with a spoon! ;)

Wow. I love thinking about dessert...

Hope that's helpful!
Yours Truly,
Molly Mormon

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