Holiday Personal Progress

This page is under construction! I will still be providing holiday helps and ideas, but not for Personal Progress, with that program ending. Thank you for abiding the mess as pages transition!

Any day is a good day for doing Personal Progress, and that includes holidays! ;)

Whether you are a creative YW leader planning a personal progress activity or are simply feeling festive, here are my posts for each holiday. In them, you'll find appropriate Personal Progress experiences for each holiday and their attached free worksheets.

Happy New Years! Click on the link to see the New Years Personal Progress resources.

Happy Valentine's Day! Click on the link to get your Valentine's Day worksheet. πŸ’—

Of course we can't forget about St. Patty's day! Hurry and grab the easy worksheet before our last March with Personal Progress passes by!πŸ’•

Happy Easter! Click on the link to get your free Easter Personal Progress worksheets. πŸ°

Happy Mother's Day! Click on the link to get your free Mother's Day Personal Progress Worksheets. 

Wanting to do Patriotic Personal Progress this summer? This covers Memorial Day, the 4th of July, and Veteran's Day. 

Happy Father’s Day! 

You can view the Father’s Day Post Here.

Have some fun with Summer Personal Progress! Check out this amazing packet here.

Next up, we have Halloween Personal Progress! You can do a Good Works value project here OR study a talk by President Monson as an Integrity Elective.

(value project)

(talk study)

This Thanksgiving Personal Progress post shouldn't disappoint. See it here.

Lol! I said I would create a Black Friday Personal Progress resource and I did!! You can see this post here.

I'm counting this as Christmas Personal Progress and hope it helped all y'all last year.

I'm pretty proud of my ability to find cool Personal Progress ideas in each holiday, but if there's one you celebrate that I missed (I know that there are some non-American readers,) just let me know in the comments below! πŸ˜‰

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