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easter personal progress

Oh my goodness, we have such a late Easter this year!!! 

I don't know if it is just me or not, but it seems like General Conference and Easter coincide a lot! I have vivid memories of going to Easter pancake breakfasts, then hustling over back to catch the morning session at noon. (Yep. East Coast Squad...) 

So, hey, maybe we can take advantage of them being apart and see where it takes us. Focus more on General Conference while it happens, and Easter when it happens... literally 3 weeks later. Lol. 

Back to what you have been actually wanting to hear about... Easter Personal Progress!

I've shifted my focus from PP worksheets this year, instead of mass-producing 65,000 ideas of what you can do for each holiday, I'm really trying to create 1 amazing worksheet to hand out, and I hope that you enjoy my small offering. AND! I ALSO MADE AN AMAZING EASTER FAITH IN GOD WORKSHEET! I'm sorry. But I had the Personal Progress worksheet all created, and then, no, that just wasn't enough because I had to go the extra mile and show up with TWO supercute worksheets for you all.

Now, just because the two say "Faith in God" and "Personal Progress" doesn't mean you can't do them. I would totally recommend the "Faith in God" worksheet for any Christian, actually, it's a really great outline and study of the Holy Week.

So, you can get...

Easter Personal Progress here.

And Easter Faith in God (super awesome Holy Week Bible study) here.

Remember, these are free so pls, pls, do not reproduce them, sell them, etc, blah blah blah. It's not nice! Or legal! Lol. ;)

On the flip side, pls share this with anyone you think would LOVE it! I'm talking handouts on Easter Sunday for the YW, maybe an Activity day activity, there is so much you can do with these prints. With your Pinning & support, we can get it out there!

 I think they turned out pretty dang awesome if you ask me. If you loved these worksheets, I have a few more. For every Personal Progress experience! Go to the "search" bar to find whatever experience you're working on.

HAPPY EASTER everyone! I loooooved working on these and creating them, really reminded me of why we celebrate Easter, more of which I'll be posting on later!

Wishing you all the very best Easter and hope you enjoy the worksheets.

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