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happy pioneer day!

hey, everyone! I am so excited to share this quote with you from the former President Hinckley.

As a teen Latter-Day Saint, he was the prophet when I was still a nursery child, so I had no memories of him -- although I do remember when the new prophet was President Monson! 

Anyways, after reading the biography of President Nelson (Y'all, it was so well done) I liked Sheri Dew's writing style and decided to read the biography of President Hinckley. 

The main thing I learned about him is that his thing was words. It seems like each of the apostles is very learned in a subject (President Nelson: the heart, President Eyring: business, President Oaks: law, etc) and he was super into writing and reading good books. He was going to be a journalist but chose to work for the church instead.

So I can totally say in good confidence that this quote is an amazing one! He says...

(We cannot detract from their accomplishments. We cannot add to their glory. We can only look back with reverence, appreciation, respect, and resolution to build on what they have done.)

This is such a good message about pioneer day! 

I feel like in most cases there are always two extremes. One would be to disrespect the pioneers, saying "they had it so easy," "they were dumb" etc (lol, idk, it's not like I actually say these things...) and the other extreme is to totally go over the top with our praise in them while berating ourselves.

Being all like, "they were superhuman." "they were perfect." "I never could even try to do what they have done." 

"We cannot detract from their accomplishments."

The pioneer's acts must have been very hard to complete and I am honored to be descended from some!

"We cannot add to their glory."

But, just like me, they are human. They experienced challenges just like I do, although they are different, and just like them, I can overcome them.

Happy pioneer day, y'all, and look forward to... 😱another pioneer day quote next week.

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