girls camp journal

Ohhhh, I love the idea of girls camp!

Lol. I've been SO excited making posts and packing lists, journals, Secret Sister gifts, and more for Girls Camp, and each time I illustrate a picturesque girls camp scene it just makes so inexplicably excited and amazed. 

You'll see all of these beautiful, idealistic girls camp scenes, in fact, in this journal --

the peaceful, serene canoe on the lake, the crisp, clear and bright stars in the night, and the simple silence that comes with nature.

And then... I go to girls camp, the reality of which is much more hot and sweaty. It's beautiful! It's fun. But it can be hard.

It's my last year as a camper 😫, so I really wanted to create some amazing girls camp resources to help myself enjoy the week - and to help y'all, ofc. 

So. Here it is. The moment we've all been waiting for...

the girls camp journal.

I kept it pretty simple this year and decided to focus my efforts on creating beautiful illustrations and hand-lettered headers instead. In this FREE journal (go ahead and print it before I come to my senses and put it on sale!) you'll see a lovely colorful cover, a spot to write what happens in each day (with a beautiful girls camp nature scene above each day) and then 3 bonus pages.

You'll also be able to record impressions from testimony meeting, what you see on the nature hike, and on the drive home possibly, rate your experiences in camp! 

Print the journal for out here, and while you're planning for girls camp, be sure to check out my other ideas + tutorials!

If you want to see more Girls Camp ideas, be sure to follow me on Pinterest and you'll be able to see them as they're released. 

Enjoy your camp!
I also have a few Pin-able images if you're wanting to Pin the idea for later!

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