Girls Camp Posts: Girls Camp Packing List

WOW! Each time I create a new Girls Camp graphic, I get more and more excited for camp. 

This year, as you prepare for Girls Camp, toss the stodgy packing lists your camp leaders give you, and get a colorful, fun, and functional Girls Camp packing list. Did I mention that it was free? I know that I'm going to be using this one as I prep for camp!

You can get the packing list here.

Girls Camp Packing Hacks:

Pack your items in a large container, instead of a suitcase. This will keep them from getting wet.

Pack two shirts for every pair of (modest, right?!?) shorts. 

Pack lots of socks. Especially if sand is involved....

Good luck! More Girls Camp posts coming soon. 

Yours Truly,
Molly Mormon

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