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Mother's Day Personal Progress

Mother's Day is coming up! It may not be for a while, but I prefer to release things early than late. Let's get started...

After looking at the Personal Progress experiences, I determined that the experiences above were most applicable to Mother's Day.

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Faith 2 ~ Every mother LOVES the story about the stripling warriors! Learn more about it in this experience, which includes your mom! Print the free worksheet here. BTW, I am so sorry that the "Read It" text is misaligned. I literally tried fixing and re-downloading + uploading it five times before I just said "meh, good enough."

Divine Nature 2 ~ You'll need your mom or a grandmother for this one, so might as well add it to the Mother's Day festivities!! Get your free printable worksheet here. Some ideas on the talks you can read are... "Certain Women" by Linda K. Burton, "LDS Women Are Incredible" by Quentin L. Cook, "The Moral Force of Women" by Todd D. Christofferson, "Women of the Church" by Gordon B. Hinckley, and "The Role of Righteous Women" by Spencer W. Kimball. Hopefully those five give you enough wiggle room for the two talks you have to choose!

Good Works 2 ~ Making the meals for two weeks would serve as a great Mother's Day gift! You can print the free worksheet here and you can attach it with these Mother's Day coupons here. I made them myself, and they turned out soooo cute! They even match the post's color palette!

Integrity 4 ~ In this experience, learn about integrity with your mom or grandma. Mother's Day perfect? Check! Get the free printable worksheet here.

Next up, we have some bonus content. Happy Mother's Day, everyone!

First up will be some Mother's Day quotes! Feel free to save them and share them! On a mobile device, press and hold on the picture and "save image" should appear. On a computer, just right-click to save an image. If all else fails, screenshot and crop!

Hope that helps! Happy Mother's Day, all!

Yours Truly, Molly Mormon

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