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Good Works 2

Good Works 2

"Service is an essential principle of family living. Help plan your family’s menus, obtain the food, and prepare part of the meals for two weeks. During that time help your family gather to share mealtimes. Report to your class what you have learned."

My mom loved this experience. Me... not so much! But there's nothing about making dinner yourself to understand the hard work that your mother (or father/caretaker) goes through up to three times a day! You grimace more when picky sibs roll their eyes and refuse to eat, and beam more when the parents grin and enjoy the meal. 

You have a lot of wiggle room in this experience! My interpretation was finding the list of ingredients needed for each meal, putting them on the grocery list, sometimes coming with my mother to the store, and then making dinner every night for two weeks.

On the weekdays, I have to get up so early I make my own breakfast, and I pack a lunch. So since my mom always cooks dinner, I decided to cook that meal for the two weeks.
You could interpret it as more -- bringing relatives breakfast in bed, making watercress sandwiches, etc -- or less -- preparing a side dish, setting the table, helping cooking the meal, and that's okay. Whatever you (and your parents or leaders) are comfortable with sounds good to me!

My packet includes space to make dinner every night. It also has a meal planning calendar and easy recipes to get you started. I hope it helps!

I ended up making it into more of an adorable little booklet to use. You can get the booklet here and then make the cards whatever size you want when you print them. Feeling lazy? Make them full-paper size. (On Chrome it will do this for you.) Feeling extra? Make them small sized, and cut them into a little book.

Hopefully, it's evident, but I worked extra hard on these printables. Just a friendly reminder, as always, please stay trustworthy with these printables. Please do not link directly to this file on your blog, please do not feature it on your blog without saying where it comes from, please do not copy the file and claim it as your own, please do not alter it, etc. I work hard on these, and my payment is knowing that I've helped some Young Women out there! Please keep it that way.

 I hope these help you!

Yours Truly, Molly Mormon

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