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Custom Work

Do you need a special or personalized design? I offer custom work as a part of my Etsy shop, with quick design time, affordable prices, and collaborative processes.

Here's the general process of how custom orders play out!

1. You reach out to me
This is usually done via Etsy, by clicking "request a custom order" or clicking "contact" under my "Shop Owner" icon. I'm also available by email @ cmprintspiration@gmail.com.

2.You give me your idea
What would you like me to design for you? Often, I will make requested color changes or modifications to existing products, and at other times, I've been asked to design from scratch!

Here are some examples of things I can design for you.

-baptism invitations
-ward party/stake dance/ward/stake activity invitations
-handouts for sunday lessons/activities
-treat tags for sunday lessons/activities
-posters for young womens rooms

 and more! If you can dream it, I can design it.

3.We agree on pricing
Now that I know what I will be creating, we can agree on the price of the item when it is done. I don't have typical rates for specific items because there is such a variety in requests. We will also probably discuss the timeline in which your design will be complete.

4.Drafts & Collaboration
I will create several drafts of the design and collaborate with you on it until you are completely satisfied with how it looks! 

5.Purchase & Download
I will then attach the file to a custom listing with your name on it on Etsy. You will purchase and download the file with Etsy, for the price we previously agreed on, and be able to use it.

Here are some examples of custom designs I have created in the past! I can't wait to help you bring a design to life!





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