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virtual young women's lessons: 5 teaching tips

👩🏻‍🏫I just taught a virtual YW lesson for my fellow YW + want to help you with yours. Here are simple tips from a YW (me!) 🙋🏻‍♀️ to incorporate in your next lesson!

1. Keep It Short & Sweet 🙏

👩🏻‍💻I spend around 12-33 hours on video calls a week between virtual school, church and extracurriculars, and I think I'm no exception.😌 It is such a blessing that we have technology to meet virtually, but it also makes it very easy for people to get "Zoomed-out." 🥵

Quality over quantity, right? Everyone, no matter the type of call, will appreciate a lesson being straight and to the point. 🙏

2. Slideshow Magic 🪄 

I think I’m pretty patient & mature, but on Zoom my attention span goes 📉. A pretty slideshow will keep listeners curious and engaged. In this day & age, it’s easier than ever to pull that off.  

💻 There are SO many platforms that have templates & resources to help you make a super slideshow without experience in design. Some examples are PPT, Slides, Keynote & Visme.

🏞 All you need to easily create a killer slideshow is a good template & photos. The Church Media Library has TONS of photos & paintings free for church use. 

3.Videos Rock 😎

🎬You will grab + keep attention with videos, so use them as much as you can! Start a lesson with a fun youth video. Instead of reading a Church quote, watch a clip of it. Instead of reading a conference story, use their videos. 📽

You can find Church videos here. General Conference videos can be trimmed to a specific segment on the Gospel Media app or in Google Slides. ✂️ I like to search keywords on churchofjesuschrist.org. 🔎 The Church also filters videos by the YW lesson topics! 😍😍


I've given you tips on teaching your YW Lessons. This premium resource will help you plan them like a pro! cool The 2021 Presidency Planner has so many helpful organizers for Young Women's! An editable Sunday agenda ✍, lesson assignment planner, and 2021 lesson chart ⭐ is included with your purchase. 

4. Break out!

Anything to mix up video calls is a good thing, and this is another tool for your arsenal. Breakout rooms allow smaller discussions. 👥

You could assign groups scriptures and have them read & discuss it before sharing findings with the whole class 📖, allow people to share experiences in a more comfortable setting🗣, or collaborate in a lesson activity. 💬

You can make breakout groups randomly, manually, or in a CSV file beforehand. It's hard to know who's going to show up in advance, but it's nice to make good groups of leaders, separated friends, etc. 😼😂

5. Think Outside the Zoom 📦

Make video calls interactive! Utilize resources online like Jamboards, Kahoot (trivia & polls), Peardeck, etc. ✨

You could even share a Google Slide with the class (to edit) to do interactive activities in real time. (Ex: sort parts of a scripture in order, put together puzzle pieces of an image, fill out a table/chart). 🧩

Bringing the lesson to life will be appreciated as well. Send out a notes page people can print & write on📝, utilize scavenger hunts, play stop the reader and have object lessons. 

Just like you would in person, which is the point of these simple tips! I hope that they help you as you serve and teach your YW! 💛


I love to help you teach your YW! Go to the CFM for YW page for more free resources.

Before I sign off, I just want to make sure you know that this is NOT the only resource I have to make your life easier as a busy Latter-Day Saint! To see & have all my free resources at your fingertips, follow me on Pinterest! 📌

Thank YOU for all you do to serve the youth of the Church! You are doing amazing! ❤❤

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