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oct '20 general conference

Who else was so uplifted + inspired by General Conference? 🤩🥰 There were so many quotable messages + lots of inspired counsel in this October 2020 conference! 

I will also be featuring them on Insta 📷 throughout the next bit to help us all remember + follow the great things that were said in this conference after last weekend's spiritual high. 😌

Saturday Morning

Moving Forward

Our natural man tendencies may be to sulk through 2020 🦠, but our Prophet's understands + reminds us of the great direction the Lord’s work is going in!

I love this quote encouraging to let our faith change the world, 🌎 but not let the world change our faith, or our "trust" and "confidence" in the Savior, as Elder Bednar puts it. 

Elder Cook gave a call for a diversity + unity in the church, eloquently pointing out how we can have both! 🙌🏻👏🏼🙌🏽👏🏾🙌🏿

Recommended to the Lord

This hit home! I have no clue when my temple will be open again, but he makes it clear when we should be back in our bishops' offices, reflecting on our lives so we can be "recommended to the temple." ✨ 

Elder Steven J. Lund is both realistic about the growing 📈divide between good and evil, and positive about the strength of the youth of the church in his talk. 

I love Sister Craven’s positive attitude ☀️. When we mess up, it’s the repenting that follows + that helps us continue the lifelong process of change.

I love hearing from our Prophet! 👏 The peace & companionship that comes from God is worth it, or as Al Fox Carraway says, “oh so good!” ☮️ 🌿

I think we’ve really been reminded of the need to survive temporally + spiritually this year! President Nelson lets us know where we can turn: God + His Word, especially the Book of Mormon because it was written for our day! 😎

Besides “Master, the Tempest Is Raging” being my FAVORITE hymn to play 🎹, I love Sister Harkness description of firm + steadfast faith.

I love President Andersen’s reminder for us to unite with Christians. As believers become more scarce, we need to unite with anyone + everyone who loves the Savior like we do, despite differences we may have! ✝️💜

This question has meant so much to me. I’m so grateful that the Prophet helped me to see life this way—we are either letting God prevail or not in every choice we make! And choosing to submit to His will will bring the ultimate safety and peace. ☮️

Challenge time! This is so perfectly aligned with the Come, Follow Me next week. It’s all coming together, just like I know it will if we take this invitation the Prophet has given. 💌

I love President Eyring’s reminder of the mercy, love, goodness + grace of our Heavenly Father + His Son, which is manifest no matter what circumstances we are in. 🙏

Such a powerful quote from Elder Holland reminding us that being in the gospel doesn’t give us a free pass from trials, persecution, or opposition. 👉It—no, God—gives us strength to go through difficulties. 

This talk reminds me of how crucial it is to have a Latter-day Prophet, giving us such current counsel based on the world we now live in. I know he speaks for the Lord! 💬


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