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new product in the come follow me lineup!!

well, you all excited to see what I've been working on the past few weeks?

I'm so ready to share the latest lesson help bundle I've made -- "Why Do We Need the Book of Mormon?" and can confidently say that it is the best one yet.

I know the creation of these has been a lil slow, but I'm pretty busy so I usually only make these when I am teaching the lesson in class!

It's convenient for that reason, but also because it lets me test out the activities that I am planning and see if the girls really like them or get them. I also set pretty high standards for my lessons - they have to be cute and fun - so you can know that I am really planning and sharing these activities.

If I thought of an activity idea that was cringey or dumb, then I wouldn't share it with the class or, conversely, put it in the packet. Period.

So, after teaching the lesson two weeks ago, it is finally up on the shop, ready for anyone needing a little extra help on the lesson, and you can instantly access lots of helpful resources with your purchase.


I know I'm pretty big on things being free! And that is why I have so many freebies on this blog. You can pretty much find freebies in every category, and freebies for things other people would probably make you shell out a lil cash for.

But when it comes to planning lessons, I don't want to give you a half-baked idea, or a little lame handout that I wasn't super motivated to create. I usually spend 2-3 weeks on these, and I'm happy to list them at affordable prices ($3) but some things are so amazing that there's no way I could just give them away!

Most lesson kits are $5-6, and mine are $3 with even more content and ideas than the average one, so I think it's a pretty fair bargain! When you purchase anything from my shop, I want you to know that I pack value into every listing I create. The more expensive, the more time and labor went into it and (consequently) it is just that much more amazing!😁

Now enough polite ranting. I'm excited to have this in the shop, and I will release a few free lesson helps eventually to help you get a taste of how much is in each of the kits.

After a while of poring over every church resource, I could find about this subject, I realized that every idea they had fell under five categories.

It is another testament of Jesus Christ, it is a firm foundation for our testimonies, it has principles that can help us every day in our lives, it is a true book written especially for our day, and it contains the fullness of the gospel and truths that other religions have lost or never gotten their hands on! 

I then, with some guidance and prayer, created fun activities for each one and the packet you see below! 😉

Check out the pictures below to get an idea of what comes in the packet.

An overview of what you get, and don't think everything in the packet is limited to that little picture! There are lots of pages, and detailed instructions so you understand everything about the awesome ideas.

I just have to say, these activities are all SO fun and amazing! Maybe I'm biased, but I loved creating them all. And, idk, maybe what one young woman thinks is fun another young woman will also think is fun? 😉 When I taught, we have time to do two activities, you probably won't have time for all of them either. It's awesome because there are so many activities, you have to choose which ones NOT to do!

I have included a lesson notes sheet, the agenda I used, and some planning pages for you to study the resources, plan what exactly to do and when, make your own lesson outline, and get those creative juices flowing! Now, I must say, you don't have to do any of the personal study activities to enjoy the packet. Anyone needing last-minute help with a lesson will be totally fine. But if you want to or have time to, I've provided ways for you to study beforehand.

And I have adorable fun things to make the lesson supercute. That's it, y'all. Hopefully, I am able to share some more lesson helps soon, but that is all. 

Check out the listing I've rambled on about right here, on my Etsy shop. If you want to help support what we do for free, please favorite the shop or follow our Pinterest. It should take 2-5 seconds!

Good luck with any lessons in your future!

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