new come follow me agenda

hey everyone! I am so excited to share this little freebie with you.

It originally comes from our 2019 presidency planning packet (I'm waiting to make the 2020 one until we have more 2020 information) but I figured, why hold it back from y'all?

It may be only one page, but it is one pretty awesome resource. Without further ado.

The come follow me agenda for free!

I hope this YW conducting sheet helps make your Sundays a little easier.

Some ideas for this include: printing out a bunch of copies and putting them in the YW room, or covering this with contact paper or some sort of way to make it compatible with dry-erase markers.

I think the second option is a little more hassle-free and earth friendly,😇🌎 but it's totally your call!
If you choose to go with the dry erase option, I found a helpful tutorial for that on my very favorite thing ever, Pinterest. Just thought this idea was soooo genius!!

The very reason that we have this new agenda is another Salt Lake change, and I am pretty big on being current, so I am super excited to share this and finally have the appropriate agenda for y'all. I know my old agendas have been out way too long, so my apologies.

I hope you enjoy this new one. Before you grab it and go, please follow our Pinterest! It would be so awesome. Now, go ahead and print yourself a copy of this for free.

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