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spring has sprung

Spring is in the air, everyone! Finally, time to get out of the house, enjoy the fresh air, and Easter, and OH MY GAWSH T-MINUS 1 DAY UNTIL GENERAL CONFERENCE?!?

I'm so excited to share this cute lil' print with y'all. I like how it turned out with a fun color palette and a bunch of nice embellishments. If you enjoy, please Pin it, and while you're around, maybe check out some of the new posts on the blog!

I just posted Easter Personal Progress, which you'll want to grab a free copy of before it's too late,   bc time seriously needs a speeding ticket at the rate it's flying by. I'm so excited to keep posting and showing up with some amazing Personal Progress and other ideas and pretty prints for you.

And. It is almost Girls Camp season. I know that people have already been planning in my stake, so we're going to start putting some awesome stuff out there, it's going to be ahmazing. I'm super stoked to share a post on Secret Sister gifts, including adorable gift tags, and to give them out. Lol, keep an eye out for that coming soon, and many more Girls Camp redesigns to come!

Thanks for heading on over, and I hope you enjoy spring and general conference!

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