#LittleLamb is with Latter-Day Lucie

If you're a Latter-Day Saint who sees many Latter-Day Saint outlets, blogs, and magazines, like me, you may have heard about this Little Lamb from Bethlehem craze. 

If you're an average person, you may heard of the Elf on the Shelf!

But this Little Lamb is a more Christ-centered alternative. 

After seeings ads, sponsored posts, and videos about this EVERYWHERE, I was all like "Bah, humbug! I GET THAT THE LITTLE LAMB EXISTS SO LEAVE ME ALONE!" Heheh.

But when a Lamb came into our posession after a White Elephant gift exchange, I thought, "Maybe this is isn't such a bad idea. After, all, it's fun to feel trendy." 

Upon its opening, I realized one thing was missing: clear instructions.

It's nice when they give you flexibility, but this whole 'eh, you come up with what to do' thing (and when people are vague in general) drives me CRAZY (!!!!) so after more searching, and eye-rolling, I (as usual) concluded I would have to go to the drawing board!

I was relieved to have finally devised a system that was easy, but not lame. 

The Silent Service Method

 Introduce the Little Lamb into Your Home

You'll Need: Little Lamb Boxed Set ("only" 26.99, although DesBook is having a Cyber Week sale). Yes, this is wayyyy overpriced, but, fortunately for the disappointed reviewers who lamented about how the suggestions were vague or too hard to do, I'm confident this method will be perfect. Also, Little Lamb Adoption Certificate, get theirs here, and the poem from Little Lamb I made.

This works best on a Sunday. Have everyone get into the car, and then sneakily as can be, set up the Lamb, book, and perhaps adoption certificate, on somewhere noticeable like the kitchen table. Then go to church, and once everyone comes back, wait for the kids to be like, "WHAT?!? MAGIC!"

So slick. Now look at that. A clean kitchen? That really is magical. 

Engage in reading the story, and then read aloud the Little Lamb poem. 

This cute poem explains exactly what will be done - in rhyming verse.

Basically, the Little Lamb will be daily passed around the house. On the first night, the youngest family member (that wants to) gets to sleep with Little Lamb. The next day, they must find a place to do service. Maybe Suzy's bed is messy? The person holding the Little Lamb could make it, set the Little Lamb on the pillow, and write a note pretending to be the Little Lamb, saying positive things about the recipient of the service. They could also recommend the next recipient. The person who finds the Little Lamb with a note addressed to them can sleep with it, and do their service the next day. And it goes on and on and on! 

It's all the secrets and fun of Elf on the Shelf, but without the 'parents-lying-to-kids' 'elf teaching misbehavior,' and 'always having to move the Elf' part. Really, introducing the Lamb is all YOU have to do!

I made some blue matching notecards - you can cut these up and keep them in stock for when a nice note needs to be written.

When posting on social media, use the #Little Lamb! I'm excited to begin this soon, and hope it goes well for your family!

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And, if you want, you say "Oh, kids, we'll look at the Lamb later," and do the "Introducing the Lamb" activity for your FHE!  

Yours Truly,
Latter-Day Lucie

FHE/Devotional: How Elves Are Like Missionaries

Has anyone seen the Disney short film Prep and Landing?

As I rewatched it with the sibs for the upcoming Christmas season, I was alarmed/amused by the similarities it held to the more common Mormon Movie, The Best Two Years. 

In this animated short, elves work in SAME GENDER PAIRS to prepare each house for the arrival of the BIG GUY. Wayne (the Elder Rogers guy) is thrilled because he thinks he is going to get promoted to  Head of the Naughty List. But, his COMPANION GETS WHAT HE WANTS INSTEAD. So, Wayne GETS A NEW COMPANION. Lenny (the Elder Calhoun clone) has the high pitch’s voice, southern accent, and excited “greenie” spirit — all he’s missing is Elder Calhoun’s big chunky glasses. They have no time to waste and they get dropped off at a house, where Wayne goes into a self pity coma and eats a bunch of Santa’s Christmas cookies and watches TV, while Lenny goes around the house doing what he is supposed to. Then.... 😱. A creature is stirring! A boy has waken up, and the elves carry him back up to his bed. They see him sleeping all cute and sucking his thumb and Wayne remembers the true spirit of Christmas and why HE BECAME AN elf. Sound familiar??

The Best Two Years came a long time before Prep and Landing, so either an Latter-day Saint was on the production team or I’m like.... good at finding gospel parallels! 💁🏻‍♀️☺️

So, looking for a Christmas devotional or fun FHE? Look no further!

Elves & Missionaries FHE

Opening Song: We’ll Bring the World His Truth

Lesson: In the movie that we’ll watch, Prep and Landing,  Santa - the big guy - can’t spread all of the Christmas cheer on his own! So before he goes to houses, he sends pairs of elves to go get the houses ready for him. What does this remind you of? (Missionaries!) Discuss the gospel parallels and have a discussion about, how, like the elves and missionaries, WE can be "Light The World" by doing missionary work this week. 

Activity: Watch the movie Prep and Landing. It’s only about 25 min. Then create Christmas cards and send them to relatives that are Missionaries, ward missionaries, or missionaries from your ward.

Treat: Edible Elf Hats

Closing Song: Called to Serve

Yours Truly,
Latter-Day Lucie

#LightTheWorld Personal Progress

Christmas. Is. Coming. AGHHHHHHHHHHHH! I'm so excited, and I'm super proud of myself for resisting the urge to run at breakneck speed into the Christmas decorating, baking, and the typical December festivities. I've stepped back a little bit, focused on gratitude, and even put up Thanksgiving decorations! 

But. Now that Thanksgiving is over soon, there's nothing holding me back! No guilt about stepping into things too early, no, no, no, both holidays are checked off, Christmas is less than 50 days away (36 right now) and I'm going into full blown Christmas mode. Heheh. 

With Christmas there comes cookies, and gift wrapping, and trees, and Mariah Carey, and Pentatonix, and candy canes and reindeer and snowman and hot cocoa... and light and love.

We're going on #LightTheWorld Year 3, and I'm so excited to share the mega collection of related prints I made. For free, of course. 

To see everything there is to offer, go to mormon.org.

To save you a couple clicks, I've rounded up the videos for this year here!

Like I said before, Christmas gets busy!! There's the shopping, singing, eating, wrapping, tree-getting, tree-decorating, caroling, and so much more.

This cute #LightTheWorld planner will help you navigate the stressful holiday season by sharing your weekly prompt, service ideas, and including space to right all that you have going on. All of the service ideas are from mormon.org so you get the best of both worlds!

Get it for free here.

This is a great Sunday handout! It connects each week to a Personal Progress experience.

Get the #LightTheWorld Personal Progress packet here.

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Give the YW a little something... without breaking your budget.

Attach a gift tag to a Ziploc bag and then see ideas on what to put in it below.

$1.00 per Young Woman - Candy

You can get large assortments of red and green colored candy and easily mix them up and put them in the bags for a low overall cost. Ideas include Hershey Kisses, M&Ms, and candy canes!

$1.75 per Young Woman - PocketBac hand sanitizers.

Okay. If you are in ANY SORT OF BAD MOOD AT ALL, go to the Bath and Body Works store. I am seriously not kidding at all. All of the employees were all cheerful, the Christmas lights were on, my favorite Christmas songs were blasting, and there were thousands of Christmas lotions to smell and choose from. I seriously was trying so hard not to cry from joy. Bath and Body Works has so many different Christmas lotions, and most of them are super overpriced, but their cutesy hand sanitizers come in many different cute Christmas scents and if you happen to be there on a Sale Day you can get great products for average prices. The scents range from Hot Cocoa and Cream to Twisted Peppermint to Vanilla Bean Noel. They'll love it. 

$5.00 per Young Woman  - Christmas Bath Bombs

Again, Bath and Body Works. I LOVE THAT PLACE.......

Also... life hacks: if you don't have a lot of things to put into the gift bags, shred red and green paper and add it to the bag! It's a great tactic which I use often...because I'm poor, lol. 

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Yours Truly,
Latter-Day Lucie

Why is it important to gain an education and develop skills?

1. Introduce the Topic

I first passed around the paper "Into the Future" (Portrait Pieces of Paper, p. 1) and had the girls start filling it out to begin thinking and get some wheels turning. While they sighed about the fact that, yes, they would have to grow up and leave home eventually, I set up the game (detailed in the next bullet) and video. Most of their responses were, "for da money," so try and pitch in as a leader with any more reasons to get an education.

2. Play the Video

Yep, gotta put in the Studio C somehow. Everyone heard the little intro for their sketches and got really excited. Just show the video, and then mention that you will be playing "Latter-Day Life!"

3. Play The Game

Set up a ceratin number of groups, with one leader in each group. Tell the leaders beforehand that they need to skip it on going to college and try and persuade the girls not to go to college, so that you have an example to talk about. (Sister Hinson decided not to go to college, and she ended up driving for Uber!) Each game board needs a dice and markers for the players (I used folded strips of cardstock. The girls could draw themselves on it and then they would stand up and it was like they were moving.) To play, decide which path you will take, pay for what you need to pay for, and try to get through Life without paying too many taxes! How I did this was I made a giant dice with faces saying "1," "2," "1," "2," "3," and "Pay $1000 in taxes!" the infamous one. If you don't go to college you get a blue card randomly. If you do go, you can choose a yellow card. I forgot to put this on the game board, but doctors or lawyers must complete the College Path 2x. Everyone had lots of fun playing the game, and at the end, we went around and compared 'retirement funds.' Our non-collegegoers ended up being department store workers, and Uber drivers, and didn't have the most provident life ahead. Lol. Overall, this was a really fun game and a great discussion can follow. 

That was all we ended up having time for, but if you have bonus time, try letting the girls do Individual Worth #4, cute worksheet included!

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Yours Truly,
Latter-Day Lucie

Black Friday Personal Progress

Think of Halloween. 

In this holiday, people go door-to-door, getting candy, and then eat it all. 

Think of Black Friday.

In this holiday, commercialism trumps gratitude, as sales seep into the hours of Thanksgiving as people go from shop to shop, fighting over the best deals and bargains.

But this gluttonous holiday can be used as a teaching moment. 

Imagine a Halloween where you enjoyed using picking and carving the pumpkins to enjoy family time. Where you taught your children to say "thank you" at the end of each request for candy, take one piece when a bowl of candy was left out, and yes, choose the harder right by walking on driveways instead of lawns.

Imagine a Black Friday where you waited until Thanksgiving was over, and then took your time teaching your kids about money, budgeting in a positive way, and spent time with them casually looking for deals?

My point?

These secular holidays we Americans love aren't going to go away, and instead of renouncing them, we can use them as teaching moments. 

Integrating Black Friday with Personal Progress

This will help the Young Women complete Choice and Accountability #7, which is one of the harder  electives out there, but this packet takes you through every single step of completing it and ties it in to Black Friday. It talks about making the CHOICE to live free of debt, manage money wisely, and be self reliant. It explains financial literacy vocab terms and helps them assess their financial situation and create a budget, and see how much they can spend on Black Friday with a section of their Budget. 

Remember, everyone, to do tithing, mulitply your income by 0.1.
For sales (40% off!), convert to a decimal (40% becomes 0.4) and multiply by original price.
For tax, find your total and mulitply it by 1 + the percentage that you are being taxed. I think it's usually 5% sales tax so you would multiply the total by 1.05. 

As adults, you totally should know this, I just wanted to talk about Algebra a little in the boring days of GEOMETRY(🤮,🤮) so thank you for letting me!

Yours Truly,
Latter-Day Lucie