Divine Nature

Welcome to the Divine Nature page at A Year of Progress! Redesigns in this category are officially complete.

Below are all of the worksheets for Divine Nature.

Yours Truly, Molly Mormon


  1. Do you have any ideas for a divine nature project I'm having trouble thinking of one.

    1. Hey, Ashley! Soooo sorry for the late response, just saw this! I definitely had troubles with Divine Nature as well, it's a pretty difficult value. Below, here are some of the project ideas I came up with on the PP Binder Page:

      - Develop body image resilience by using the resources at BeautyRedefined.

      - Compile all of the quotes and information which you can find about Heavenly Mother and make a gallery or website.

      - Find scriptures with words about each of the qualities of Divine Nature. Make a quilt with a word on each patch.

      - Host 3 Divine-Nature themed activities.

      Those are the meager ones I came up with... they aren't the best but they're something, I suppose! Another one I forgot to put in there is to read the book "At The Pulpit : 185 Years of Discourses by Latter-day Saint Women.' You can view it on the "Gospel Library" app, just go to the 'search' button.

      My main suggestion for projects is to personalize it to you. What do you like to do? What do you struggle with and want to better your skills at? And how can this be connected with Divine Nature.

      Again, I know that this is much easier said than done (even Divine Nature in general is) and if you have any other questions now I've finally checked the comment section. ;)

      Good luck!
      Latter-Day Lucie