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girls camp packing tips & list

 I am SO excited to share these awesome girls camp packing tips & list to help you or your yw have a fab experience @ camp! ⛺️ 

1. List It Out

Packing list help make everything more official, efficient & cute! ✨ Bonus points if u have a clipboard 📋, all like *packing boss status unlocked*. 👩‍💼 The packing list I’m using comes from my shop. It’s an editable PDF so you can customize it to your needs. 💜

2. Crate It Up

Taking a suitcase to camp is a clear way to get you noticed as an amateur! 👧 At least where I come from, everyone brings their stuff in big clear crates to keep your stuff easy to access and waterproof from all that 🌿💦 nature. 

3. Play packing tetris

Not that these are relatively relatable experiences, packing your crate should bagging groceries 🛒 or making a building block tower. Strategically stack solids and prioritize keeping things you’ll need more frequently at the top of the crate. 

4. Decorate That Crate!

It’s worth it. End of story! ✍️ Decorating your crates could be a YWs activity, look at bujo ideas on Pinterest for inspo. You can’t go wrong with having fun and doodling your heart out! 💗

5. Powerful Plans

Separate the daily vs weekly items. Once you’re at camp, look at your schedule. What does your day look like? 🤔 I like having one pocket of my backpack with items I need every day of camp, like sunscreen and bug spray, and the other with items for daily needs. 

6. Miniaturize

Go mini! Most girls camps don’t let you bring your phone, and hauling around a quad probably won’t make your soul delight in the scriptures. ☠️ Lds.org sells cheap mini quads! 📖

7. T shirt hoards

I keep a stockpile of camp/churchy t shirts I don’t mind getting dirty to use at camp. Every year my stockpile grows, and let me tell you, you will want extras with my state's humidity! 🥵

8. Tiny table

Bring a nightstand!! So I just use a locker shelf because it’s foldable and fits in with my stuff✨, but a crate or cardboard box will also work fine as a place to set your lantern, lanyard, glasses, retainer case etc for the night. It’s #glamping!

9. Make it Shine

Decorate your tent!! ❤️ So like obviously, keep it clean in order for it to be and stay aesthetic. I love to bring battery powered twinkle lights—they also make a great secret sister gift!! 🎁 

10. Bring a Yoga Mat

I’m no secret yogi, the mat is just part of my master organize-queen plans. 👑 Place the mat parallel to your cot or sleeping bag & make it a designated no dirt space. 🧼 When u take off ur shoes & change in the tent, you can step on it!🦶


As a long time girls-camp-er, I can emphasize the truth of these tips. 💁🏻‍♀️ Ready to put them into action for your camp? Grab this fab editable packing list now 4 ur girls camp! 💛

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