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👉Do you get overwhelmed by your responsibilities in your calling? 👉Do you wish you could have more time for the "fun stuff" that...

welcome to YWs printables!

 Are you welcoming in new young women? These printables are for you! Check out my welcome poem, temple picture and temple recommend holder in this welcome to YWs starter kit! Ready for the link? It's coming up soon.

What should you put in the gift bag besides these things? How does this fit into your planning and connect with your theme for the new year? That's where my other printable YWs kits come in. Go to my Yearly Theme Resources Page to find kits like the one below to help you get cute designs for great prices!

👉 Before I sign off, I just want to make sure you know this is NOT the only resource I have to make your life easier as a busy Latter-Day Saint! To see & have all my free resources at your fingertips, follow me on Pinterest!📌Now here's the promised PDF! 💝 

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