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girls camp treat tags 2020

Alright, y’all!! I just created the Virtual Girls Camp Starter Packet and now I'm bringing back these go + do treat tags. They cost less than the starter packet + have completely different treat tags than you will get with your purchase. Confused by all these products?

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Planning girls camp? Come grab your copy of treat tags, textables, devotional helps & more! ❤Designed for young woman by a young woman to make your life easier. 😘

If you are totally set on how you'll be doing your virtual girls camp this year but just need a few finishing touches of fun treats to make the week shine, this product is for you.

If you feel overwhelmed on putting together a virtual girls camp and want tons of resources to help you save time and get ideas on that process, the virtual girls camp starter kit is the place to be.

If you have all your activities planned out but need one more, or are responsible for one but totally forgot and need something amazing last minute, this activity is all planned out for y'all.

Read on for more deets on this cute + little treat tag kit, all themed on 1 Nephi 3:7.😎

I like to think of this amazing packet as a new member of the girls camp fam. You are going to love it and it is such a time saver in preparation for camp.

Are you a YCL, level leader, camp director, or ward girls camp leader? If you’re wanting some cute pillow treat tags + ideas to gift nightly to the girls, head over here and they’re yours.

And it would be one thing if they were adorable - they are 🤩 - But this time, y’all, they are "go and do" themed! If you’re stuck trying to find ways to apply a scripture to camp, don’t sweat it. Every single pillow treat tag has a cute saying and a go + do connection.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on the gifts, or spend a fortune of your time hunting down cheap gifts aligning with the tags. In this packet, every. single. gift is laid out for you with links to where you can  purchase the tuck in treats for bulk. 

While prices may change, when I did my research, the cost of all these gifts boiled down to under $3 per young woman. And that’s for 5 pillow treats!!! Insanely amazing, I gotta say. 😉

Sold yet— on saving yourself hours of time, energy, and sanity? Grab yourself a copy of this instant download today! 😘

If you want a few more details before you go fo it, here's some previews of what you'll get. 

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