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cute treat tags + ideas for pioneer day + trek

Hey hey! I've rounded up some cute candy bar pairings + free printable treat tags for trek or pioneer day celebrations! enjoy!!

pioneer treat tag #1: kinder joy egg

Here, my mind went to one of the most classic pioneer hymns -- "Come, Come Ye Saints," and I designed the printables to match the Kinder Joy egg's design + included several versions of the concept so you could pick and print your fave.

pioneer treat tag #2: milky way bar

Anyone, no matter their heritage, can apply this definition of and challenge to be a pioneer. Since the pioneers showed the way, you can pair this with a Milky Way bar, which I designed the treat tag to look like.

pioneer treat tag #3: take 5 + President Hinckley's pioneer words

 These people gave everything they had to follow their faith and they deserve honor and celebration. I've designed a treat tag to match + you can pair this quote with a Take 5 bar for a mindful moment to appreciate what our pioneer forebears have done.

So... now that you made it to the bottom of the post, I have the promised PDF to share. But there's more. Do you love celebrating all the holidays? I mean 💁🏻‍♀️if you’re here reading this, there’s a pretty good chance.👉You can get this free treat tag file here, and to get easy access to an organized library of printables to make your life easier + celebrating and enjoying these classic events cuter, follow me on 📌Pinterest! I'm also on Insta 📸 sharing pretty doctrinal + holiday quotes to inspire. 💛

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